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When people would come to France, they will most likely choose Paris as their destination. But what they did not know is that France is also home to several gorgeous cities, such as Lille. This medium-sized city is in the Nord-Pas de Calais region of France and has a large student population, so it’s not surprising to find tons of colleges and universities in Lille. If you are looking for off the beaten path destinations in France, the city of Lille is what you should check out.

The best part about exploring Lille is that it’s pretty easy to get around, thanks to the subway. It has two subway lines connecting the city center to several suburbs. Using the subway should be easy, for as long as you have a copy of our Lille Transport Map. Make sure you print this map out and carry it with you on your trip. There are also buses and trams traveling around Lille and we have a copy of the Lille Transport Map that can serve as your guide.

There are numerous buildings and landmark in Lille that are truly worth a visit. Among them are the La Vieille Bourse, Place Rihour, The Opera, and the Place du Général-de-Gaulle, which is also known as the “Grand Place”. Our Lille Tourist Sightseeing Map will offer tips on how you can get to these places. It also includes information on how you can get to some of the city’s best galleries and museums.

Lille is a pedestrian-friendly city. If you prefer to walk around to explore, then go check out our Lille Walking Tour Maps. These maps include walking routes that cover some of the best city’s top attractions.

For a more convenient way of sightseeing Lille, hop on a bus that will travel all over the city and stops at some tourist attractions. To find out more about this, get a copy of our Lille Hop on Hop Off Bus Map.

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