Lille 2 Hour Bike Tour

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    This is a tour designed for you to have a unique approach into exploring Lille and its major attractions and monuments. This is a bike tour where you will hop on the two wheels into the attractive streets, hidden hotspots, popular sites, tranquil waterways, and beautiful local neighborhoods of Lille metropolis. It is a 2 - hour adventure tour where you will slide into curves and corners where bus or minivans cannot ply. You will ride pass city attractions like Maison Natale Charles de Gaulle, Beffroi de l'Hotel de Ville, Flemish Revitalization Buildings, Ornate Fountains, Forum Departmental des Science, Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains, Muba Eugene Leroy and lots more. During the tour period, you will be exposed to the cultures and traditions of the Lille locals in their dressings, way of talking, as well as history/stories heard from a guide.

    This is a 2 - hours cycle into the rich culture and heritage of Lille while having a closer absorption of its attractions and landmarks. Once you've booked this tour, you won't be bothered about all taxes, fees and handling charges associated with the bicycle ride. You will be accompanied by an informative and friendly Professional guide who will take you round the itinerary and feed you with histories and stories of what you need to know about the city. You will be provided with a cool and easy - to - ride bicycle coupled with helmet for safety. You will receive instant confirmation at time of booking. This tour is a group tour and will have a maximum number of 12 people on - board. However, note that children who want to participate must be of 11 years old and above, and must also be of 1m 50 tall.

    Travelers have named this tour as one of the comprehensive ways you can explore the city. This bike tour has undoubtedly given many travelers great memories of what Lille is contained of. The comments and reviews of participants have been on the professionalism of the friendly guide and the beauty of Lille they saw which they wouldn't have seen if they tour alone. This is the best choice for all those who will love to go on adventure in the city of Lille. Grab your space now!!

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