Lille City Sightseeing Tour

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    Lille city is full of various attractions and impressive sights/sites. This is a city sightseeing tour by minibus into the pretty nature of Lille by visiting the picturesque parks and beautiful gardens. You will sightsee major attractions including the Grande Palace, Palais des Beaux - Arts de Lille, Museum of Fine Arts, Muda Eugene Leroy, Beffroi de l'Hotel de Ville and so on. You will also learn the history of the 11th century city and how it was influenced by several cultures before finally pronounced a French city. However, you will still see the Flemish, Burgundian and Spanish relics and monuments scattered round the streets and neighborhoods.

    This is a 1 hour 15 minutes (approx.) ride into the beauty and multiculturalism of Lille city. It is a 1 hour city tour and 15 minutes for history learning from an audio - visual system. This visual commentary is available in up to 8 languages which includes: French, English. German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. You will receive instant confirmation on your email at time of booking. This is undoubtedly for everybody especially the newcomers and first - time visitors in the city of Lille.

    This has been a wonderful tour over the years of service. It has successfully given many travelers their first overview of the city of Lille. It has made many have a beautiful first impressive and had given them a thirst to explore the inner of attractions seen. This is an indisputably great tour for you to start your vacation/Visit in Lille, grab it for you and your group now!!!

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