The Belfry of the town hall Ticket inc Audio guide and binoculars

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    This is a ticket into a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the city of Lille called Lille's Belfry. Belfry is a beautiful tower, and climbing it will give you 3600 views of Lille and its surroundings. From the top, you will be provided with binoculars to explore the streets, neighborhoods, far surroundings, monuments, regions and neighborhood towns. You will first climb 100 steps before taking the lift that leads to the top of the belfry. This popular attraction is known for its rowdy entrance which is as a result of the long lines and queues of people wanting to book the tour. But with this tour, you will slide into the Hall with a skip from the lines and queues.

    This is a 1 - 2 hours (approx.) tour into the Belfry of the Town Hall and a view of Lille city in a spectacular way. On this overview tour, you will be provided with a pair of Binoculars for perfect and closer views of the attractions and far regions. You will also enjoy the work of an audio guide, it will feed you with the Belfry's history and fascinating information about its architectural edifice. On this tour, you will explore at your own pace with no one to rush you. Note that this tour is for everyone but children must be escorted by an adult. This tour is a group tour and each outing will contain a maximum of 15 travelers.

    The greatness and awesomeness of this tour can be seen in the many comments and reviews of travelers. The beauty of the building and the impressive view over Lille have always been a source of great word to qualify this tour package. This is one of the best activities you can ever embark on when in Lille. Join the crowd, skip the crowd and explore nature beauty over Lille.

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