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Malta is a beautiful small country located in the Mediterranean Sea. This European archipelago is popular for its historic churches and ancient buildings. The tiny island also offers a number of beautiful sandy beaches perfect for summer getaways. Aside from having a rich cultural background and wonderful beaches, the country has a wide number of activities you can try especially during summer.

Getting around the island is made easy as long as you have the Malta metro map. If you choose to use the public transportation, it is also highly recommended to make use of the Malta Transport Map. Together, the maps will give you the best and top rated experience going around the country. Plus, most people in Malta speak English so interacting and communicating is so much easier.

For travelers who want to explore Malta’s famous attractions first, keeping a copy of Malta Tourist Sightseeing Map will help you a lot. This map is your perfect guide into exploring the tiny country’s beautiful capital city, which is Valletta, and having a closer look into the other cities. The map will also provide you with instructions of how to get into the famous places and the best way to get there.

If you are the kind of traveler who loves exploring around by walking, it is best to have a copy of the Malta Walking Tour Maps. Whether you want to walk at your own pace or if you want to create your own, take advantage of the expert designed self-guided walking tours they offer.

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Malta Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour Map

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