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    Don’t get brain drained! and Come join us! As together we escape the city chaos and explore one of the most beautiful cities of France - Marseilles. Of course, the whole city is known for its beautiful scenes but the enchanting views of the lively shipping hub by the water is definitely the icing on the cake. And here you have the opportunity to experience a panoramic peek at the city’s most known attractions with a luxury cruise along the historic coastline. The tour is perfect for all sorts of entertainment such as lounging in the sun or diving in the Mediterranean with a complimentary delicious lunch including delightful grilled meats, refreshing drinks, and a comforting dessert.

    What does a perfect trip includes? Well, luxury ride, soothing atmosphere, famous attractions, and mouthwatering food. Yes, this includes all. So, have an equally entertaining and refreshing day with this wonderful tour opportunity. In this amazing sailing tour, you will explore the beautiful place of Le Levantin, anchor in the wonderful Calanques Park, enjoy snorkeling in soothing water, and dine well with a delicious Spanish-style lunch, complimented with drinks and delightful dessert. Of course, the delicious meal is included in the offer. Also, you will see the magnificent scenery of Marseilles with its iconic monuments and attractions glittering along the stunning coastline. So, have a fun time onboard, relax under the sun, enjoy the soothing wind, and all other fun activities on the tour. Thus, it is a perfect combination of all you need to enjoy!

    To put it simply, enjoy this amazing opportunity to burn your stress of the daily city chaos while relaxing in this exciting tour. Also, the tour has an apt group size of 90 participants to make it perfect for fun group activities. So, book your trip now for this ideal brunch tour of the city. What are you waiting for, place your bookings already!

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