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Known as the “City of Dreams”, Mumbai is India’s financial capital city and home of the Bollywood Industry. It’s a city filled with extreme opportunities and contrasts. As you explore this massive city, you’ll come across modern buildings mixed with age old infrastructures. But what will really catch your attention are the Gothic Style heritage buildings built during the British times.

Sure, Mumbai can get very chaotic and could overwhelm even the most seasoned traveler. But if you come prepared, you’ll realize that the city can be explored easily. In fact, Mumbai has a decent metro system that can take you to the city’s main districts. Our Mumbai metro map should help you in figuring out which station to get off, depending on the places you intend to visit in Mumbai.

The Mumbai Transport Map is very useful for tourists who want to explore Mumbai on their own. This map contains information about the train, buses, or other public mode of transportation that you can use in exploring the city. If you intend to visit Mumbai’s famous attractions, you should focus on exploring the Colaba Causeway or the Fort Districts in the south of the city. This is where you’ll find the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, the Victoria Terminus, Elephanta Cave, and the Gateway of India. Refer to our Mumbai Sightseeing Map for more tips on how to reach these famous sighs.

It’s definitely possible to explore Mumbai on foot, so forget about paying expensive fees on rickshaw drivers to tour you of the city. If you don’t mind walking, then get our free copy of the Mumbai Walking Tour Maps. With this map, you’ll be able to explore Mumbai’s attractions on foot, which is a more practical way of touring the city.

However, for people who cannot bear long walks, the best option is to take the Hop on Hop Off bus tours. If you’re wondering where this bus would take you, then get our free printable copy of the Mumbai Hop on Hop off Bus Map.

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