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One of the largest municipalities located in Italy, Naples rich historical center is the biggest in Europe. The city boasts a number of monuments and buildings and has the oldest volcano observatory where one can observe Europe’s famous Mount Vesuvius. Naples has also been named as the home of pizza and is widely known for its cuisine and wine.

With its vast offerings of architectural buildings, museums and palaces, you have different options to discover Naples. Just make sure to get a copy of the Naples Metro Map so you know where you are going. Although traffic in the city is pretty heavy, you can still get around by bus, tram, train or taxi. This is where the Naples Transport Map comes in. This map will explain and show all available routes for first time visitors and may be used to explore the city by foot.

Plan your trip ahead by using the Naples Tourist Sightseeing Map. This will serve as your tour guide in exploring the city’s top attractions and destinations including the Lungomare and Castel Ovo, Cappella Sansevero, Catacombs of San Gennaro, National Archeological Museum, Bourbon Tunnel, Teatro di San Carlo, Royal Palace and the Cathedral and many more! Whether you are visiting for the first time or the tenth time, the map will help you book your tours in advance or create your own if you like.

As a first time visitor, it is best to explore the city with a local guide however if you prefer to do it by yourself or with your loved ones, get a copy of the Naples Walking Tour Maps instead. You can follow the walking map to visit the Naples Old Town and create more on your own.

There is a more convenient way of enjoying the city. Just take the Naples Hop on Hop off Bus tour and it will make you viewing the city so easy. For more information on the bus routes, get our free printable copy of the Naples Hop on Hop off Bus map.

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