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    One of the ancient town affected by Mt. Vesuvius volcano eruption in 79AD is the Herculaneum. The Herculaneum HD tour is a historical journey in the ruins and archaeological evacuations discovered some centuries after the explosion. On this tour, you will explore the amazing medleys designed on public baths and the ancient gymnasium. You will walk on the once - buried street roads, statues, and amazing constructions that were strong enough to survive the eruption without falling. During the walking, you will learn about the history of how the ancient Herculaneum was a vibrant and once - thriving port town. You will also learn how the volcanic eruption buried many areas including Pompeii and how archaeologists are on - site to get them evacuated.

    This is a 4 - hours (approx.) tour which takes you into the deep history of ancient Roman Empires. With this package, you will enjoy all - round transportation by an air - conditioned vehicle which will make you tour start from the doorstep of your hotel to the site and back to your hotel. Furthermore, you will be escorted to site by a professional guide who will be your source of navigation and live commentary. The guide will feed you with everything you need to know about Herculaneum and Mt. Vesuvius volcano eruption. There is availability of alcoholic beverages to keep you alive throughout the exploration. This tour is for everybody but however it is not recommended for pregnant travelers and it is not wheelchair accessible.

    Participants of this tour have always returned great feedbacks of their experience on - site and during the transportation. They often commend the knowledgeable guide who readily feed them with great facts and leave all their questions answered. It is a must - to - visit place for everyone to see more of thrilling histories about the then ancient Roman Empire. It is for you, don't miss it!!!!

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