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    The aim of this tour is to take travelers to the lost glory days of the mighty Roman Empire as said in histories and tales. This Private Tour of Pompeii is one that takes you into the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii and the remains of the damages done by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. You will marvel at the extensive archaeological site as well as various ancient highlights like theater, thermal baths and squares. Also on this tour, you will learn more of what it means to be an ancient Roman and the life they once lived in their Empire before the disaster struck. It is a stress -free tour because it comes with a private transportation all through.

    On this tour, you will be accompanied by a Professional historian guide who will not only take you through the itinerary but will also feed you with lots of stories and histories concerning the ancient Roman Empire. You will explore places like the pleasure houses, Pompeii archaeological park where you will see lots of archaeological exhibitions and what they are used for before the volcanic eruption. You will gain entry into the space where major people of the once - thriving city were buried after being affected by the disaster. Don't forget to come along with your camera, because pictures are allowed. However, this tour is not suitable for people with health problems or back problems.

    The fabulous experience that travelers always have on this tour left many dumbfounded in words when asked to comment after the journey. However many send reviews and commendation via platforms and the words can be seen to qualify the awesomeness of everything that made the tour a memorable one. Travelers were pleased with the work of the professional guide as well as the driver, it was a well - organized customer service. Join this tour now and walk back in time.

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