Chestnut Hill Culinary Experience

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    This is another breathtaking experience in the city of Philadelphia. It is a visit to world " class restaurants on Chestnut Hills on a 2.5 " hour small group culinary walking tour. It is a beautiful culinary tour that takes you into six iconic eateries including the world famous McNally's Tavern which is known for award " winning craft beers and renowned handcrafted desserts and sandwiches. This tour gives you an opportunity to interact with local food experts and gather knowledge about Philadelphia's historic garden district. This exploration also takes you to different environmentally friendly residential and business neighborhoods in the country. You won't walk hungry because all food tastings on this tour amount together into a delicious lunch, filling your stomach with varieties of delicious Philadelphia cuisines.

    On this tour, it is just tasting and tasting which means you should activate your gluttonous spirit so that you will enjoy the best moments on this tour. You will also travel alongside a professional friendly guide. You will also be amazed by the history and custom associated with McNally's Tavern, an eatery that has been continuously owned and operated by same family for over 92 years. For this period of years, they have been producing sandwich so famous that it's literary been trademarked all over the world. Closer to this region also is a unique cheese shop which has also been discovered to have been run continually for over 52 years by same family. Isn't that amazing? Your tour also include visit to a local bakery for handcrafted desserts featuring tremendous cooking skills. Travelers must however be of minimum drinking age which is 21.

    This tour has proven over years to be an informative and delicious tour and a great way to learn about the foods and food history of Philadelphia to the fullest. Travelers have always been full of great words and amazing comments about this tour and even has won the heart of many first " time visitors. Travelers have also testified to the proficiency of tour guide. This tour has left many satisfied, your satisfaction is next by booking this tour package.

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