Haunted Philadelphia: Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour

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    This is a visit to more than 20 of Philadelphia's scariest places on this dark 75 " minutes outdoor walking adventure. Every city has her own dark and scary regions of ancient tales and horror stories, Philadelphia is not exempted. This tour will take you to iconic Philadelphia's monuments by moonlight giving you a chance to explore the city's haunted facts and folklores. You will dive into thrilling regions by moonlight and listen spooky stories. On this tour, you will walk on cobbled streets of Old city and explore back " screen views of film locations used in big screen thrillers like a"The Sixth Sense and a "National Treasure" . You will also learn about the legendary ghosts of Independence Hall and the Scenery on Pine Street .Generally, over 15 of Philly's frights and sights has been pin " pointed for you to have the best moment of adrenaline rushing during the Spirits of 76 Ghost Tour.

    Various attractions are embedded in the itinerary of this great tour. E.g; you will dive into the Carpenters Hall which was built in 1770 and it is the location where the First Continental congress was held in September 1774. Furthermore, you will visit the Bishop White House which is the home of the Reverend Dr. William White, a rector of Christ Church and St. Peter's Church. Also, you will explore the United States Custom House which is also known as Ghostbusters building. Moreso, you will pay homage to Father of the American Navy Commodore John Barry where he was buried in the Old St. Mary's church. Moreover, you will be opportune to explore St. Peters Church and Cemetery which for more a century has been home to various ghosts and phantoms. Many more on the itinerary of this great tour. As you visit each of these locations, your guide will feed you with chilling stories of how they came to be and their significance in Philadelphia's history.

    Some said it's the best way to spend Halloween while others said it's a nice tour for exploring dark historical facts. In all ways that travelers have described this tour, it has always been to the positive end. Travelers have always have spectacular evening and nice thrilling moments. This tour has left marks of memory in the heart of many. The tour guides have always proved professionalism and knowledge in dealing with the travelers and stories told. It's a walk at a reasonable pace and

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