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    Every successful country will have on thing to tell of her pasts and what led to the present glory of her streets and neighborhoods. This tour has been designed to take you into the special galleries, object theaters, recreated historical scenes, engaging artifacts that talk more about the history and relevance of the American Revolutions. On this tour, you will visit the Museum of the American Revolution in historic Philadelphia where you will learn American History giving you deeper understanding of the people, the ideas and the events that gave birth to America. In this museum, you will walk back in time from the early moments of unrest in Boston to the opening shots of the War of Independence. In one sentence, this historical place speaks history and the Museum's permanent exhibition are works showing the ideas, events and legacies of the America's revolutionary beginnings.

    On your 3 to 4 hours (approx.) exploration of the museum, you will pay homage to those who risked their everything to secure the liberties that has continued to influenced the world from them till now. Also, you will gain deeper understanding of what it means to gain independence because there are interactive hands " on display where you will watch videos like Congress issue the Declaration of independence on July 4, 1776. Tour include entry ticket into an object theater authorized a"the Weapons of War where you will see the American weaponry used in the Revolutionary War ranging from the muskets, sword, powder horns, cartridge boxes and world class weapons of the British, French and the Americans. You will enjoy maximum concentration at exploration once you've paid because organizers would have handled all taxes, fees and extra charges. One key thing to note is that ticket is valid for two consecutive days which means if you don't go on the day of booking, you can go the following day.

    The wonderful museum has always a been a major place of tourism in the city of Philadelphia and travelers has always talked about the tremendous experience in this amazing museum. The exhibits are informing and it has always been a must to visit region for all tourists and visitors in Philadelphia. Even bit of minutes was filled with one thing or the other informing and educating travelers of the American's hard won independence. Some travelers most esp

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