Spirit of Philadelphia Lunch Cruise with Buffet

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    This is an interesting tour that makes many visitors see what they could have missed if they explore Philadelphia on their own. This cruising tour comes with an enjoyment of an indulgent meal simultaneously on the Delaware River. A new side of Philadelphia is felt as you sightsee and admire the city's skyline and all major landmarks amidst live narration of the city's history, culture and traditions. The lunch leaves you with a choice to choose your preferred dishes from a wide ranging menu. As the boat make waves on the Delaware River, you will also enjoy the waves of live entertainment of DJ music entering into your spirit, soul and body.

    This package of having fun " filled afternoon comes with a 2 " hour cruise on the Delaware River where the breeze of the river comforts your soul throughout tour time. From the boat's restaurant and well organized servers, you will enjoy delicious lunch buffet that is freshly prepared including Salads and desserts (local ones and international ones). You will also be entitled to unlimited coffee, hot tea or iced tea (depending on your choice) and water (if simplicity in drinking is your goal). Be sure to have a private table for personalized experience of sightseeing the amazing skyline of Philadelphia city. Your boat experience will be crowned with lots of activities like dancing to DJ music, share spaces with other tourists and also play interactive games. Once you've paid, you need not to worry yourself about service charges and other taxes because all will be handled accordingly.

    One of the things that has always fascinated travelers is the amazing Benjamin Franklin Bridge, under which the boat will pass. Bookers especially those who are first time tourists have always have fun " filled memorable moments with themselves, the whole people on " board and their group. Never has anyone regretted to have booked this tour, it always tends that the awesomeness of the tour is always more than expected. Praises and thanksgiving also will fill your mouth because of the professionalism of the crew on " board and the entire staff for providing you an experience you won't forget in life. You can afford to spend the whole of you days in Philadelphia without having this afternoon boat cruise.

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