Underground Donut Tour - Philadelphia's First Donut Tour

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    This is one of the unique food tours associated with tasting one of the snacks Philadelphia is best known for " Donuts. This tour will take you on a 2 " hour underground donut tour where you will satisfy your sweet tooth by tasking the city's top unique just prepared donuts. ON this tour, you will stop and taste at first different joints to enjoy fried dough, federal donuts and Beiler's Donuts. Since it is a walking tour, you will also be opportune to orient yourself to the city's most iconic attractions and places like the South Street and Reading Terminal market. Foodies and families are the best candidates for this tour and fun " filled experience has been prepared for all ages of the group.

    On this tour, it will just be tasting, tasting and tasting of the special donuts prepared by locals of Philadelphia which you can only see in the city and nowhere again in the world. On this well " designed itinerary, you will stop at South Street to enjoy delicious Federal Donuts. Furthermore, you will head on to the Reading Terminal Market to enjoy Beilers Donuts. Still on the joints, you will visit specific donut regions like the Federal Donut joint, Dottie's Donuts and Sweet Charlie's Donut. You will be accompanied by a Professional guide, and for a perfect personalized experience with view of this tour, maximum of 20 travelers is required. There will be instant confirmation of booking and will be sent to your email immediately.

    Travelers have always enjoy generous donuts portions offered at every donut shop visited. It has always been of great experience to every candidate on this tour. Even kids were given the Certified Donut Officionado by generous locals and because of this, kids have always have nice time exploring the donut lifestyle of Philadelphians. Speaking generally, the tour has always been great and extremely wonderful with tasty donuts filling the stomach of travelers. You can't just afford not to embark on this interesting tour with your friends or your family members.

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