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Dubbed as “the city of a hundred spires,” Prague looks like a scene straight out of a fairytale. Tourists flock to Prague for its storybook flair and Bohemian allure; they stay in the city for its colorful history, striking architecture, thriving nightlife, fascinating festivals, welcoming people, and the famous Czech beer.

Thanks to its highly efficient public transport system, Prague is one of the most navigable cities in Europe. The Prague Metro covers all areas in the city center and parts of the suburbs. It is easy to get around the famous attractions of the city, especially if you have the Prague metro map. Find the best routes to your desired destination using the Prague Transport Map. This map allows you to discover the city at your pace.

Prague’s vivid history and rich heritage is reflected in its architecture. Dedicate an entire day wandering the Prague Castle, admire the medieval buildings and the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Hall, or unwind at the spa town of Carlsbad. Plan your trip well with the help of the Prague Tourist Sightseeing Map, so you can fully enjoy your stay in the city. The Prague Tourist Sightseeing Map provides detailed descriptions of the city’s top attractions and comprehensive instructions on how to reach your chosen destinations quickly and easily.

Prague is crisscrossed by narrow cobbled lanes that may lead to hidden courtyards, quaint cafes, or old-fashioned pubs. It is these unexpected treasures that make Prague a wonderland for the purposeless wanderer. Take out your walking shoes and roam around the city to get a feel of the local life. The Prague Walking Tour Maps will take you from the city’s busy streets to charming neighborhoods such asVinohrady and Bubeneč.

If you are interested in the more vibrant parts of the city, go to the high-end shopping district of Nové MÄ›sto. There you will find the Wenceslas Square, host to many of the city’s hottest night clubs. Whatever you fancy, the Prague Walking Tour Maps have something to offer you.

For tourists traveling with elders and kids, we recommend the Hop on Hop off Bus tour for a more comfortable and convenient exploration of the city. To get details on the various bus stops, check out our free printable copy of the Prague Hop on Hop on Bus map.

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