Tripindicator is pledged to ensure the protection of your personal information while using the Tripindicator website. Kindly give a little time to review this Privacy Statement where we explain how we handle your personal information. We want to inform you about the crucial aspects of information processing while you visiting our website or app.

While using our website / you allow us to use such personal information that you provide. We request that you read the privacy policies of all websites to see how they secure your personal data.

Privacy Policy Commitment

Exceptional service is an important aspect that we consider to build the trust of our clients. Tripindicator’s key priority is to keep the client information secure and use it only as our clients allow us. So, we compiled a list of what we're promising to each of our clients:

• The information provides to us by our website visitors will be protected by using strong security and confidentiality norms.

• We will gather and use data of clients only according to the requirements to provide superior service to customers. This includes information is about our products and services.

• We allow only authorized employees who have extensive experience in managing the proper management of client information. Those employees who break our Privacy commitment will face our specified disciplinary procedure.

• Our management constantly keeps the confidence of our clients' information under our control. When clients show interest in a services or products, we may share their information with reputed and trusted companies. Kindly note that this condition is not applied to use the customer data by these other companies.

• We promise that we don’t disclose any kind of customer information to any third parties. Without acknowledging the customers about the agreements we will not share the user’s content.

• We shall assure you those other organizations that support the services adhere to our privacy standards. In addition to this, they allow us to assess them for compliance whenever it is required to hire them.

• Tripindicator team makes every effort to keep client files correct, up-to-date, and fulfill all required credentials. Moreover, we support our clients to access their easily and swiftly their information in case of any inaccuracies.

Collected Information

In General:

  • We will gather your personal information from you when you do register. This data is including your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.

  • However, we do not collect any personal data from minors under the age of thirteen. If the user is under the age of 18, don’t give your personal information unless your parent consents.

Web site usage information:

  • When the users visit our website, your IP address and Web site usage information are automatically gathered. By this, we can assess how our clients and users traverse our site in aggregate.

  • In this assessment, we include the frequency of visitors, customers to each Web page, time period of visits.

Use of your Sensitive Data that We Collect

1. In Order to Provide Tripindicator Services

Your personal data is used to offer you Tripindicator Services. Moreover, we give specific functionality that you have requested. These specific features such as creating search results so that in the future you search closely match while browsing. We also send you the newsletters or price alerts that you wanted to know.

2. To Improve and Personalize Tripindicator's Services

By using your information we optimize and personalize your Tripindicator Services experience. We also provide you with fundamental components of our Tripindicator Services. We remember your choice in terms of language and country by using cookies according to your search history. Our team also personalizes your experience by promoting particular travel options that are relevant to you.

3. To Gain a Better Understanding of the Tripindicator Services

We understand our users need to improve and safeguard them. By using the data that we collect, we interact with our users with Tripindicator services with our users to find and fix bugs. This will improve our product or services, by informing business decisions, for security and fraud prevention.

4. To Create Aggregated Data that will help our Company and the Travel Industry

We create the whole datasets of Non-Personal Information that we gather about users. Using these datasets we can get useful product insights and provide the best user experience to you.

Information Transfers over the Internet

Today in this digital world, collecting and processing personal information is required for data transmission across international borders. Due to this, you agree to our processing of sensitive information by visiting / and communicating with us.


We save your personally identifying information that we store about you on the servers with prohibited access. This will configure proper procedures to keep these on servers so your personally identifiable information is safe.


Tripindicator uses cookie technology to assist our visitors and customers to navigate our website in a quick manner. We send cookies while you visit our website on your computer after you sign in to use essential services. A cookie is data that is stored on your hard drive or in the memory of your computer.

Your Rights

The Tripindicator website does not utilize cookies as per rules and regulations. Cookies are used when the site displays advertisements including user surveys or job postings for The National Archives.

The information we save in terms of your personal information, you have particular rights that you should know. You can seek access to your personal information, have prohibited from processing, and corrected any inaccurate personal information corrected.

Moreover, you can object to the processing of your personal data and, get a copy of your data. You can send these kinds of requests in written form to our customer care department.

As per your right, you can lodge a complaint with your local regulatory authority to Information Commissioner's Office. You just need to call 0303 123 1113 to get in touch with them. In addition to this, you can visit the official website for your queries.

Policy Changes

You should read the privacy policy before browsing the website because this Privacy Policy is updated in a periodic manner. Some changes will be posted here, so you have to check often. Kindly be assured, whenever the privacy policy changes in the near future. Tripindicator will not use the sensitive information that you provided to us under this Privacy Policy.

Questions and Comments

Kindly contact us via email if you have any queries, comments, or any concerns regarding our Privacy Policy.