3-Hour Walking private Tour in Seville

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    The city of Seville is known for its beautiful compositions. It is also a region that is designed with lots of multicultural activities which comes with an effect on their culture and tradition. This 3 - hour walking private tour in Seville is designed for all travelers especially first - time visitors to visit the city's main highlights, iconic streets, multicultural neighborhoods, amazing regions, UNESCO World Site like Seville Cathedral and so on. It is also a chance for everyone to learn more about the history, fascinating facts, and ancient legendary stories. On this tour, you will visit places like the narrow streets of Santa Cruz, Royal Alcatraz Palace, Giralda Bell Tower and many more on the itinerary of this tour.

    You will be accompanied by a local guide who will not just be your navigating master, but he will also be the source of live commentary for you. The tour time is 3 hours which means you will navigate the most of Seville city and also have other hours of the day for other tours and activities. The ticket of this tour includes an entry ticket into the magnificent Giralda bell tower to enjoy panoramic views of the city. During this tour, you will be fed with histories and stories of every attraction met on the way. This is a private tour which means it is only meant for you and your group alone.

    One of the great comments revived from travelers after this tour is about the excellent job of the guide which means the guide shuffled between professionalism and friendliness to give the tourists the best of tour experience. Commendations were also made on the highlights visited as well as the history learnt. This is undoubtedly the right tour for family's outing and friends " hangout. Adventure lovers will also not want to miss this tour for anything. Join the train and have fun as gain.

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