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    Spain is famous for its rich cultural and exciting traditional activities. Flamenco is one of the most popular dances in the country. Due to this, a trip into the country is incomplete without watching the dance performance. Secure the tickets to an exciting Flamenco show when you book a seat at the El Palacio Andaluz in advance. The El Palacio Andaluz remains one of the oldest and most iconic dance halls in Seville. The amount of fun available to you on this trip is dependent on your budget. For an additional fee, travelers can choose to include a drink and a traditional tapas dinner as part of their tour. It's a great way for first-time visitors to familiarise themselves with the Spanish culture. Book a seat to the usually sold-out show and enjoy yourself.

    Travelers are can choose from any of the options including Flamenco show and drink, Flamenco show and tapas, and Flamenco show and dinner. Alcoholic beverages are also available to be served to passengers during the show. The tour is not wheelchair accessible. The minimum drinking age for anyone traveling on this tour is 18 years. Any special dietary requirements should be indicated when booking the tour. It's a single person tour and is designed to have a maximum of 1 passenger.

    The Flamenco show was thrilling and it showed just how complex and intriguing the dance is. The whole tour went according to plan and I couldn't have asked for more. The performers were excellent and their costumes inviting.

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