: Alcazar Guided Tour in Seville

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    The tour will take you to enjoy some Spanish sights and architecture. It's a tour around the majestic monument that reveals Spanish tradition to you. Ensure that you settle all the details for your visit to Alcazar in Seville by booking for your ticket in advance. This attraction is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed Site and it usually gets a large number of tourists from different parts of the world. Avoid waiting in line and wasting up to an hour to book a ticket to go inside. When inside, travelers can observe beautiful features such as the Lion Gate and Courtyard of the Dolls.  Travelers enjoy access to a self-guided tour of the historical monument and move at your own pace. Observe architectural evidence that shows the affluence of Moorish rulers and gardens. Take a look at beautiful chambers, gardens and attractive courtyards. Listen to history-filled commentary from a professional tour guide. Travelers will surely learn a lot about the region.

    During this tour, travelers get a ticket that grants them access to Alcazar. This will keep you from waiting in line for close to an hour. Travelers are to be accompanied by a local guide who is familiar with the monument. The guide will get you familiar with your surroundings and offer some useful information. The price paid for the tour includes all fees and Taxes. The tour is wheelchair and stroller accessible. Travelers have to visit the monument at the time they booked the tour for. There will be a lot of walking and travelers are advised to put on comfortable shoes. The tour is open to virtually all types of travelers. The tour is designed to hold a maximum of 30 travelers.

    The tour itself was filled with many great views and interesting things to find out about Seville. From the moment I got inside until the end of the tour, I was astonished. Overall, it was a beautiful place to see and tour.

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