Private Tour of the Hidden Local Treasures of Singapore

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    This private day tour takes travelers on a special adventure away from the regular tourist trails in the country. The tour guide will reveal to you the ancient side of Singapore which existed before all the technological advancements and evolution. The traveler will get to see how local Singaporeans live their life, listen to local village legends and enjoy a part of the jungle which is embedded in the city. You'll get to see sights that aren't usually listed among the top action attractions of the country. The tour is a great idea for physically fit travelers because it involves some amount of walking.

    There is a private guide to take travelers around the region and point out the ancient parts of the city to travelers. The guide will also inform travelers about the different stories behind every corner of the city. Travelers get the chance to enjoy one non-alcoholic drink. The surface of the tour is not wheelchair accessible. It offers an experience which is quite similar to public transport. Travelers are expected to have a minimum level of physical fitness. It's a private tour and only those booked for it will participate.


    This tour was really a great way to learn about the ancient parts of Singapore. Our guide was awesome and made sure that we didn't miss any of the important facts on our journey.

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