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    This tour will take travelers on a 3-hour gastronomy journey where you get to try out different delights in the country. The tour will take you to a local market where you'll learn about the architecture. You'll also be introduced to hidden locations where the locals get to enjoy delicious food. These are locations that are far away from tourist trails. On this tour, you'll get the chance to enjoy authentic Singaporean delights. The tour guide will teach you about the importance of food to the culture of the Singapore people. All of our guides are vast in Singaporean history, culture and have extensive knowledge about the favorite foods in the region. There's also a street dish for you to enjoy which you'll only know when the tour starts.

    Travelers get to enjoy a tasty lunch on this tour. The surface of the tour is wheelchair and stroller accessible. It offers an experience which is similar to public transport. Travelers are known to have s moderate level of physical fitness. Travelers are advised to put on comfortable shoes because of the slippery Singapore streets. To ensure a full experience, the tour is unable to accommodate certain dietary restrictions. The tour is designed to have a limit of 10 travelers.

    The tour showed travelers the best food to go for during our stay in Singapore. The tour guide had a great knowledge of the local food and managed to satisfy everyone.

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