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Japan’s capital city is a fusion of modern and tradition, from modern skyscrapers to ancient old temples. As you explore Tokyo’s bustling streets, you’ll come across vibrant arcades and cafes, ramen shops, anime stores, and more! The city’s top museums are also a must-visit, offering interesting exhibits, from contemporary to classical art collections.

The good news is that exploring Tokyo is quite easy. Although it is such a big city, it’s served by the best public transport system in the world, the Tokyo Metro. So grab a copy of the Tokyo metro map and discover Tokyo at your own pace. When it comes to shopping, dining or exploring Tokyo, the Tokyo Transport Map will be useful for you. Using this map, you can explore Tokyo just like the locals do!

When it comes to discovering Tokyo’s famous attractions, the Tokyo Tourist Sightseeing Map should be a big help to you. The map will your guide you into discovering the city’s famous attractions, including the opulent Meiji Shinto Shrine, Imperial Palace, Tokyo National Museum, Sensō-Ji temple, Tokyo Tower, and Tokyo Skytree. The map will also provide instructions on what would be the best way to get into these sights.

You can also explore Tokyo by foot! When it comes to that, the Tokyo Walking Tour Maps is what you need. This map provides details on how to explore the city on foot, depending on your own interests. You can opt for the cultural walking tours, or those tours that include a visit to museums and monuments. There are also walking tours aimed at discovering temples, parks and more!

If you want a more convenient way of seeing the city, taking the Hop on Hop off Bus tour will suit you best. For details on where the bus will stop, do check out our free printable copy of the Tokyo Hop on Hop off Bus map.

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