30-Minute Distillery District Segway Tour in Toronto

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    This tour is one that takes you deep into Toronto's history more than never before even within limited time of 30 " minutes. This Segway Tour of Distillery District is filled with the discovering of fascinating stories that surrounds attractions of the city, most especially the former Gooderham and Worts Distillery. After learning how to operate the Segway very well which will be taught by your guide, you will roll into the street and explore the various artisan shops, cafes, pubs, art galleries, award winning restaurants and pedestrian " only villages that are scattered round the Distillery District. You are advised to dress in weather " appropriate clothes including comfortable closed - toed shoes/footwear.

    This is a 30 " minutes tour which means it is suitable for you if you have other official things to do in the city and it is at the back of your mind to explore. The Segway riding does not require any knowledge because there would be an adequate training before the tour begins, so be prepared to learn something new. There is a professional guide who will take you through the training session as well as make you go through the city on a well " prepared itinerary. All necessary equipment including helmet will be provided by tour organizers.

    What do you expect from a set of people that goes on a tour that perfectly meet more than their expectations? Travelers have always been filled with words of praises and their comments have always been great. The Professional guide have always been of great help and his professionalism has never been left behind when travelers talk about tour. Every minute on this tour is filled with awesomeness, so be ready to have fun even through limited time.

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