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Museum of Illusions

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    You feel like having something different from the normal places you've visited in Toronto? Okay! Grab your camera in hand and head toward the Museum of Illusions where more than 100 mind " bending rooms are housed including vortex tunnels, game rooms, 3D puzzles, etc. In these rooms, you will experience life in another dimension giving you a thrilling moment of fun and excitements that challenge your sense of perception. This attraction is one that you must come along with your camera to take breathtaking photos of mind " blowing moments you will have in these rooms. The museum and its rooms are family " friends which makes it a great choice for kids and adults alike. Furthermore, with no rush but minding the 1 hour (approx.) tour time, you can visit on your own schedule with yourself as your guide.

    This ticket takes you deep into many places in the museum of illusions. Some of which will be mentioned now; The Holograms which is a photographic recording of a light field used for displaying an image (3 " dimensional) of the holograph subject and making them look so realistic. Likewise, the Einstein Hollow Faces which are static concave faces but yet they seem to be following you while you dance in front of them, a play on your perception though. Moreover, the Vortex Tunnel which is where you will demonstrate your courage, you will think you are losing ground but you are actually standing on a stable, flat surface. Also, you will have a lot of funny unbelievable pictures of yourself as you look either like a dwarf or like a giant from the Ames Room. And finally on what I'm going to tell you is the Upside " Down room which is a place that makes you levitate above the floor and do naturally impossible things like standing on one finger, walking on the wall, and so many other things just to have fun.

    What do you expect from the mouth of visitors on a place that gives so much fun than what they paid for? The responses of visitors when asked about their experience in the Museum of Illusions have always been WOW, awesome, interesting, entertaining, and recommendable and so on. They also commend the work of the staff met in the museum and how they were helpful throughout the exploration and activities. Words can however not describe the awesome architectural designs and technology set " ups inside the Museum of Illusion. Yo

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