Niagara Falls Platinum Tour from Toronto with Cruise and Lunch

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    This is an exploration of the border that stands between Ontario and New York State. One of the Canada's most remarkable natural attraction is the Niagara Falls and this tour is aimed at giving you the best trip to the falls as well as exploring the surroundings. You will be transported by an air " conditioned vehicle from Toronto to Niagara " on " the " lake and throughout the trip, your guide will feed you with information on the outstanding falls. You will also learn about the history that surrounds its discovery and how Toronto owned the heritage site. This tour is complemented by various stops that warrants photo shoots, so don't come without your camera. Beside the sightseeing experience, you will also enjoy wine tasting at a winery, including a meal on " board a boat as you Journey behind the falls.

    There is generous tasting of wine for you at winery to be visited including lunch at one of the best restaurants that surrounds the natural attraction. After admiring the beauty of the falls, you will climb a boat and cruise the waterways to behind the falls where you will journey in a cave " like tunnel. Never be afraid because there will be a professional guide who will take you through the whole itinerary and activities embedded on this tour. This tour comes with an all " round transportation that starts from a hotel pick " up to hotel drop " off. Other iconic places on the itinerary includes; Table Rock Welcome center, Queen Victoria Place Restaurant, Niagara College Teaching Winery and the Hornblower Niagara.

    All bookers of this tour have always had their lips filled with one great comment or the other. The experience has always been worthwhile and travelers have always found great dictions to qualify the awesomeness of the tour. At every tour, itinerants of this package always show words of marvel at the professionalism showed by the tour guide. While other travelers choose to describe the natural attraction (Niagara Falls) with fantabulous words. This is a great tour for all adventure " lovers as well as travelers who want more than Toronto city center. Don't miss it, because it is for you.

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