Toronto Distillery District Walking Tour

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    This tour is considered to be "One of Toronto's Top 10 Walking Tours". It's a tour that takes you through the stories of Gooderham and Worts Distillery's rise to fame and how the Modern Distillery District came to be. There's really a lot to learn about this drunk city. Learn some of the secrets that made Gooderham and Worts the largest distilleries in the world. During the walking tour, there'll be stops at Distillery Historic District, Soma Chocolate Maker, Mill Street Brewery and so on. The whole thing takes off at the Go Tours Canada. This is where all the travelers converge before commencing the trip. At the Distillery Historic District, there'll be a number of outdoor and indoor stops. We'll learn everything about the area from its earliest days to the present day. The chocolate makers will let tourists enjoy a world-class Chocolatier's seasonal blend. There may not be much quantity but the flavors are something to really enjoy. The tour will also take you to some of the favorite local spots around where you'll get to try some really fine beer and end on a high note. The tour ends with a few beer samples at the brewery.

    This is a 1-hour walking tour that takes you through the corners and turns of the Distillery Historic District. A professional and licensed tour guide with local knowledge about the area. These tour guides will provide you with live commentary as they take you from one location to another. They also teach you about the stories of a drunk city and a company that eventually became the largest distillery in the world. People who objected to alcohol intake will have a completely different experience. There's also a chocolate sample for tasting at Soma Chocolate Maker. Prices paid for the trip include sales tax.

    A lot of travelers complimented that the tour guide was the best part of the whole trip. The tour guides are knowledgeable and will find ways to pass the information effectively to you. It's a great tour and one which would a great idea for small groups of friends. The beer sample and chocolate samples were satisfying.

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