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Taste of Agra - A Guided Food Walk Tour

clock 2 hours
  • Agra, a city in Uttar Pradesh, is attracted by tourists all year long. It is famous for its monuments including the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri all of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Located on the banks of River Yamuna this city is a part of tourists' Golden Triangle with Jaipur and Delhi.

    Get ready to taste more than...Read more

Story of Spices- A Food Tour of Agra

clock 3 hours
  • Walking down the lanes of Agra leaves one absorbed by the aroma of the different spices, various food stalls and the overall diverse cuisines of the city. Be it while looking at the century-old spice shops at Rawatpada or eating the delectable and famous mutton stew at Pakiza Meat Shop, it is a wonder how different spices and flavours blend into...Read more

Spiritual tour in Varanasi- aarti, markets and ghats

clock 3 hours
  • Walking in the narrow lanes of Varanasi is like teleporting in the past. Suddenly you are in the 16th century at a market filled with delicacies and spices. Such is the magic of Varanasi, its temples, ghats, and the Ganges. The markets are filled with handicrafts, food and textiles. Feel free to window shop the authentic items and buy souvenirs...Read more

Cook and Dine Central Indian Food with a Local in Lucknow

clock 2 to 4 hours
  • Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh is one of the largest and vibrant cities in the state. It is known to be a multicultural city with many tourists travelling from afar to experience the culture. The city also boasts of UNESCO world heritage sites like Khajuraho and Fort Jhansi. The cuisine of Lucknow is also something that is a must-have. The...Read more

Lucknow: Food Walk

clock 6 to 7 hours
  • Lucknow is the city of nawabs (Mughal kings), the food of Lucknow is so flavoursome and unique, because of this many copycats of original outlets have come to Lucknow to sell delicacies but only a local foodies knows the right and authentic places to eat real Lakhnawi food (Awadh cuisine) and would take you on many other secret street food...Read more

Cook and Dine in a 100-year-old Home with a Local in Lucknow

clock 3 hours
  • When in Lucknow, one has to experience the Nawabi (royal) culture! Here is your chance to interact with a local, Sheeba who lives in a 100 year old haveli (residential palace) and hear interesting stories about her family and their food journey. Indulge in a hands on cooking class with her and enjoy a royal spread of home cooked...Read more

Agra old city tour, With Taj mahal & Fort.

clock 3 hours
  • First you will visit Taj mahal & Agra fort.

    This is a walking tour in old bazaar of Agra city, known as a kinari bazaar. This bazaar belongs to the first capital of Mughal emperor Akbar.

    It was founded & named as Akbarabad by emperor Akbar. Here you can see & enjoy daily life/activity of locals people by shopping of daily...Read more

Old Lucknow Walking Food Tour

clock 3 hours
  • Lucknow is known for its rich food heritage and we will show you exactly why in this old city food tour....Read more

Relish Food in Varanasi - A Guided Food Walk Tour

clock 3 hours
  • If you wish to explore India through small lanes, barely accessible to vehicles and explore more about Hinduism, Varanasi is the perfect city to go. Varanasi is one of Hinduism's seven Holy cities and also, is the oldest living city in the World. It is believed that if you die here, you will get Moksha and will be liberated from the cycle of life...Read more

Enjoy a Heritage Walk and savour age-old Recipes with a Local in Lucknow

clock 3 hours
  • Explore the gems of Lucknow with a local! Join your host Askari on a heritage walk followed by a scrumptious homemade meal prepared by local families using their age-old recipes. Askari will enlighten you about Qaiser Bagh and its expansive area and guide you as you relish some of the most authentic Lucknowi food one can find. None of the dishes...Read more

Home-Cooked Lunch in a Local Agra Home

clock 2 hours
  • Experience Indian hospitality in Mamta's home where you will join her for a home-cooked, private lunch. Mamta is a professional singer who has won several awards in India and abroad and also recently started a multi-cuisine restaurant in Agra. Enjoy a delicious, authentic meal while discussing Indian culture, a beautifully decorated home, and your...Read more

Agra Food Tasting Walking Tour

clock 3 hours
  • ample the street food of Agra on a 3-hour tour of the ancient city's delicacies. Stroll through the streets and soak in the ambiance of the city while tasting a variety of dishes from different specialty eateries. Choose either a morning or late afternoon tour according to your schedule.

    3-hour food tour in Agra

    Sample five or six...Read more

Lucknow Food Tour

clock 5 hours

    Tunday Kebabi: This heavenly offering had to be first on the list and the best place to have it is the obvious–the 100-year-old, tucked away in a corner of the bustling Aminabad area.
    Mutton Biryani: So, for the real flavor of Dum Biryani visit to a small shop in the Chowk area–Idris Dhaba. Forget the class for some time...Read more

Kebab Walk Tour - Lucknow

clock 2 hours
  • Lucknow, a city which upholds many cultures, heritage and arts of Uttar Pradesh, resonating in every corner. It gained prominence when Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula shifted the capital of Awadh from Faizabad to this city in 1775.
    On this two hours walking tour we take you to the traditional eateries where the oldest dates back to 1825, show you some...Read more

Photo Tour In Holy Varanasi

clock 1 day
  • “In this experience, we will explore some of Varanasis most amazing temples, architecture and people.

    I will teach you the best way to approach photography here, so that you can create some beautiful photos. Your friends and family will love them!

    I will also show you my favourite markets and food stalls, where you can try some...Read more

Romantic Candle Light Dinner for a couple - Rooftop Restaurant

clock 3 hours
  • Surprise your partner with a dinner date at one of the top-rated rooftop restaurant in Agra.Tea’se me café is among top 5 rated restaurants on tripadvisior in Agra where your candlelight dinner is arranged. The restaurant is located on the Old Mandi road and gives a blurry view of Taj mahal. The restaurant is chic, modern & comfy a perfect...Read more

Varanasi - Gaya - Varanasi :4Nights/5Days

clock 5 days
  • Younger Holidays Is the one-stop solution for the traveler in Varanasi we provide the best travel services in Varanasi and the world too, it is our goal to help all travelers in finding out there a dream destination in the...Read more

Food Tour of Benares - the Food Specialties of Kashi / Varanasi / the Ghats

clock 2 hours
  • Walking in the narrow lanes of Varanasi is like teleporting in the past. Suddenly you are in the 16th century at a market filled with delicacies and spices. Such is the magic of Varanasi, it stemples, ghats, and the Ganges. The authenticity and variety of food one can get in Varanasi is surprising and delighting. Enrich your culinary journey with...Read more

Lucknow Kebab Food Trail

clock 2 hours
  • Lucknow's cuisine and its kebabs are world famous. Explore By-Lanes of Lucknow eating the food like a local with a local who knows about city. Along the way you will hear tales of foods, culture and history of Lucknow. You will taste all famous Kebabs and all different varieities of flat breads of Lucknow. For Biryani lovers, you will get to taste...Read more

Varanasi: 3-hour Shopping and Street Food Tour on a tuk-tuk ride

clock 3 hours
  • Explore Varanasi through its bustling and colorful streets and lip-smacking food in this tour which takes you to the city’s best places whether its about food or for handicrafts! This tour will leave your senses and belly full and you will get the true experience of being a...Read more