Bazeel is one of the fabulous restaurant cum bar located on the banks of Arno. You must try aperitivo in the bar, which is served around 7 p,m. The buffet menu of Bazeel changes daily. You can enjoy cuisines like crostini, risotto, etc. However, you must arrive here before 7 pm to avoid rush and secure a good place.

If you are visiting on weekends, you have to be extra punctual. However, it is also a unique fun to see thousands of people on the banks of Arno river.

If you are habitual of over-paying for pizzas in your city, you will find the same dirt cheap here.

Music : Bazeel features bands of live music on weekends.

Contact Details
Phone Address
+39 340 2881113
Lungarno Pacinotti 1, Piazza Garibaldi, 56125 Pisa, Italy
Opening Times
Opening Timing
Saturday 12 am – 4 am
Sunday 12 am – 4 am
Monday 12 am – 4 am
Tuesday 12 am – 4 am
Wednesday 12 am – 4 am
Thursday 12 am – 4 am
Friday 12 am – 4 am

Orzo Bruno


The cozy environment of Orzo Bruno makes the organic beer served by them even tastier. The six unique brews of the place serve cheap and simple dishes.

Since the place is located a little outside the core of the city, you will find it close to local. Students are a common sight here along with the neighboring Italians.

If you come during happy hours, you can even find free food at the bar counter.

Music : Amazing local music makes the place more vibrant.

Contact Details
Phone Address
+39 050 578802
Via Case Dipinte 6/8, 56127 Pisa, Italy
Opening Times
Opening Timing
Sunday 7 pm – 1 am
Monday 7 pm – 1 am
Tuesday 7 pm – 1 am
Wednesday 7 pm – 1 am
Thursday 7 pm – 1 am
Friday 7 pm – 2 am
Saturday 7 pm – 2 am

La Centrale


La Centrale can be called as the lone club of Pisa, which begins live music around 11 pm and ceases it in the late morning.

You will find the place like a 60s club, but the ambience is great. The huge dance floor completes the evening when you are set with drinks.

Music : Electro, Rock’n’roll

Contact Details
Phone Address
+39 392 843 770
via carducci 13, San Giuliano Terme
Opening Times
Opening Timing
Sunday 11 pm – 5 am
Monday 11 pm – 5 am
Tuesday 11 pm – 5 am
Wednesday 11 pm – 5 am
Thursday 11 pm – 5 am
Friday 11 pm – 5 am
Saturday 11 pm – 5 am

Sunset Cafe


It is a beautiful café with a free beach of its own. You can even snack on some free fingerfood if you buy drinks. The amazing view of the sea from the café is just beyond comparison.

You can also view the amazing and huge camping site. You will long to come back here again after your first visit.

Music : The soothing background music makes the ambience even more peaceful.

Contact Details
Phone Address
+39 050 36857
Via Litoranea 40/a, 56013 Marina di Pisa,Pisa, Italy
Opening Times
Opening Timing
Saturday 7 pm – 2 am
Sunday 7 pm – 2 am
Monday 7 pm – 2 am
Tuesday 7 pm – 2 am
Wednesday 7 pm – 2 am
Thursday 7 pm – 2 am
Friday 7 pm – 2 am

Casa Della Panna di Bianchi Sandra


They serve a beautiful combination of coffee and panna is a must try at Casa Della Panna di Bianchi Sandra. You will just fall in love with the presentation itself. Pity that you will have to drink it, but every penny spent here is worth it.

You can come here for a brief break from work, and relax with a cup of coffee. The wide range of coffees will overwhelm you, but the staff is cooperative to help you decide.

Music : Soothing music in the background makes the atmosphere even more pleasant.

Contact Details
Phone Address
050 556401
Via dei Mille, 18, 56100 Pisa
Opening Times
Opening Timing