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Milan Discount Cards - City Pass

Milan Tourist Discount Cards - City Cards - Milan Attractions Deals

Milan Best Selling City Pass/ Tickets

The Milano Card: Making the most of Milan - Attraction Entry Discount Pass

  • The Milano card is the first and foremost card for tourists wishing to go around Milan with reduced costs. Not only does it enable you to travel the city free of cost for 24 to 48 hours, it is an all in one convenience towards accessing all your favorite points in this fashionable city.

    1. Validity of card: Card is valid for 48 hours of travel and 3 days of discounts in Milan.

    2. Travel discounts: There are varying degrees of discounts found on travelling with this card. For example it offers lower prices on the Malpensa Express Airport Bus and Orio al Serio Airport Bus, bike rentals, luggage service, bus tours and guided tours, as well as free transportation on Linate Airport Express Bus (X73).

    3. All-around benefits: Discounts are offered at souvenir stores, restaurants, theaters, money exchange, hotels and many museums and monuments.

    4. Extra features: Easy and complete free access to a 24 hour multilingual call center that can direct you to the best public or private medical facilities in Milan plus an amazing 10% discount on tickets to the Duomo Cathedral, when purchased while redeeming your Milano card.

    5. Total cost: For adults, all this entire package costs is a mere $20!




MILANO CARD - Attraction Entry Discount Pass

  • 1. Benefits of card: The Milano Card allows tourists to travel around the city without having to pay for every transport they use. Based on the validity of the card, it allows for free traveling for a day or three on all of Milan’s public transport without any hassle. The card also allows free access to a number of tourist destinations, museums, events and monuments. It also includes medical assistance for 24 hours.

    The Milano card is a perfect solution for affordable and convenient facilities to roam around the Milan city and enjoy. It includes free public transport (like metro, city train, tram and bus), airport bus, 40 photo printing, medical assistance and map of Milan. Tourists can conveniently enjoy the discounted rates for visiting museums and tours on cruise and many more. The card also offers to discover Italian cuisines at best restaurants with special prices .For shopping it offers amazing discounts at famous outlets like Ferrari, Official Milan store and few more. The good news for football freaks is that the card offers discount on tickets for inters Milan football matches also.

    2. Transportation valid: The card is valid for all public transport in Milan including buses and trains.

    3. Restaurants applicable: Applies to many typical restaurants around Milan and fast food especially at Spizzico or Ciao fast food and many more.

    4. Benefits of purchasing online in advance: Tourists have an option of purchasing the card online through the official website to avoid delays, and waiting in queues to acquire one after reaching the city. Purchasing the card online entitles you to get a free map of Milan. The Milano card can be purchased online and is delivered on arrival to airport from specific terminals upon mentioning customer’s name.




Milan Hop on Hop Off pass - Attraction Entry Discount Pass

  • 1. Benefits of card: The Milan Hope on Hop off pass, conducted in a tram is a fascinating way to see the city along with other travelers. Starting at 8 in the morning, the tram takes travelers to some of the most prominent destinations across the city, and everything in between. Children less than ten years of age can travel free of cost. If the tourists already have a Milano card, the tour is valid for 48 hours for them exclusively.

    2. Transportation valid: The tour tram

    3. Cost & Validity: The pass costs $21.11 for adults and is free for children. The Pass is valid for 24 hours from its purchase time.

    3. Benefits of purchasing online in advance: You can avoid queues by purchasing the pass/tour online and gain an insight of all the sights that you will be seeing along the way.




The Milano pass: Your gateway to and through Milan - Attraction Entry Discount Pass

  • If you're an eager tourist or a travelling diva, Milan is the perfect destination for you. The city opens its arms to everyone who wants a taste of the oldest attractions and the newest fashion trends. It all starts right here. And what better way than to purchase your own Milano card. This card, especially designed for tourists gives them the flexibity along with the discount to travel across Milan and visit various museums, restaurants, etc, at the lowest of prices.

    1. Availibility and cost: The milano card costs 6.50 € for 24 hours and 13€ for 3 days. You can purchase the card from this web site or at the MilanTourism Point in Milan.

    2. Available features: Firstly, as soon as you purchase your Milano card you get a free map of Milan to pick and choose your desired destinations. Secondly, it gives you discounts, as well as free passes in some cases, to the museums, exhibitions, shops, and tours!

    3. Travelling: Free travel on all Milan public transport for 24 or 48 hours!

    4. Special features: 24-hour medical assistance throughout your trip as well as free passes to the symbolic Duomo Cathedral.




Milan ATM travel card - Travel Discount Card

  • 1. Benefits of card: The ATM Travel card offers easy, hassle free traveling around Milan. The card allows children less than ten years to travel free accompanied by their parents. The electronic ATM can be recharged and ‘topped up’ at will by the tourists based on their travel requirements.

    2. Transportation valid: The ATM travel cards is valid for all of Milan’s public transport

    3. Cost & Validity: The ATM card itself costs 4 Euros and is valid up to 4 years, ideal for travelers staying in Milan for longer durations, or in cases or frequent traveling to the city.

    4. Benefits of purchasing online in advance: The electronic ATM card can be purchased online from the official website prior to reaching the city. This saves time and energy both, which can otherwise be utilized in traveling around the beautiful city.




Invito a Teatro (Invitation to the theatre) -Milan. - Attraction Entry Discount Pass

  • 1. For those visiting Milan, the Cultural Department brings you a fabulous offer. Theatres and cinemas have extended their warmth to tourists and are giving discounts to those who are willing to subscribe.

    2. Eighty-nine of Milan's theatres are participating in this scheme and you get to choose a total of eight, each a different theatre on a different night! Before selecting the shows of your choice you can see reviews and then choose from a diary of events according to your taste.

    3. Cost: Total cost is calculated at € 76,00, which also entitles subscribers to additional promotional offers: a 30% discount for performances at each of the theatres already visited using their subscription and a 30% discount on all scheduled shows once the subscription has expired.

    4. Special offers: The newest version of 2013-14 Invito a Teatro is a free voucher that will entitle you to see the shows on offer at 22 theatrical venues in as many municipalities in the province, and is available at a special price of € 3,00.






3% Cashback Offers