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Rome Discount Cards - City Pass

Rome Tourist Discount Cards - City Cards - Rome Attractions Deals

Rome Best Selling City Pass/ Tickets

Roma Pass - Attraction Entry Discount Pass

  • 1. Benefit of the card: The Roma Pass provides tourists free admission to two sites or museums and discounted entry to other events, exhibitions and museums. Tourists can also use the transport network of Rome free of cost for three days including the railway lines, metro and bus. Additionally, the pass can also be used to receive discounted services for multi-lingual medical services.

    2. Attractions applicable: The list of participating museums includes Villa di Massenzio, Museo Napoleonico, Museo delle Mura, Museo Canonica and many others.

    3. Card price and validity: The pass costs € 34 for an adult and can be used to access over 40 attractions and museums in the city. The card will be activated at the first museum that you visit and will then be valid for three full days.

    4. Online purchase: The Roma Pass can be purchased in the city at tourist information centers, travel agencies, hotels, ticket offices, sites, museums and at many newsstands. However, if you purchase the pass online, it will allow you to plan your trip in advance and save a lot of time. Roma Pass can be purchased online here.




OMNIA Vatican & Rome Pass - Attraction Entry Discount Pass

  • 1. Benefit of the card: The OMNIA Vatican & Rome pass is designed to help tourists save money and time. With this card, you'll receive free entry to 2 of the top 5 Rome attractions. The OMNIA card helps you save time through fast track entrance to all the sights in the Vatican City. Other inclusions are discounted access to over 30 attractions in Rome, a free guidebook and a free travel card to allow you unlimited access to the public transportation system in Rome.

    2. Attractions applicable: The OMNIA card offers access to top attractions in Rome such as the Borghese Gallery, Capitolini Museums, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill and the Coliseum. The card also provides free access to Vatican City tours, historic buildings and tours.

    3. Card price and validity: Costing €90.00 for an adult, the card is valid for 3 days. The prices of OMNIA card are to go up in March, 2014.

    4. Online purchase: The OMNIA card can be purchased online. Simply print the email voucher and collect your card from 7 collection locations in Rome.




PerDue City Card - Restaurant Discount Card

  • 1. Benefit of the card: PerDue City Card Rome is an easy to use, convenient discount card to enjoy considerable savings on dining costs during your trip to the city. The card must be shown at participating restaurants with an ID card to apply discounts. It offers 50% discount off the entire food bill for 2 people. However, no discounts can be applied towards mineral water, drinks and wines. The card cannot be used with other offers or on bank holidays.

    2. Restaurants applicable: This discount card is valid to use in more than 200 participating restaurants in Rome. The updated list of all participating restaurants is provided on PerDue City Card's restaurant. Android and iPhone apps are also available to see updated details of all participating restaurants.

    3. Price and validity: The card costs €20 and is valid for use of 2 people for 10 days. The card can be used unlimited times before its expiry date.

    4. Online purchase: Simply purchase the card online 5 days before your arrival in Rome and it will be directly delivered to your hotel.




BTI - Travel Discount Card

  • 1. Benefit of the card: The BTI travel pass provides you with a convenient, easy and affordable way to travel throughout Rome during your trip. The BTI pass will allow you to travel throughout the territory of Rome. It provides unlimited access to the city's trolley buses, trams and buses as well to the subway lines. Included in the cost of the pass is access to 2nd class Trenitalia regional railways and other trains like Rome-Viterbo, Rome-Giardinetti and Rome-Lido. It does not cover special link buses and trains like the Termini-Fiumicino airport link or any of the tourist buses like 110 open buses. This travel pass is ideal for tourists visiting Rome for a limited number of days.

    2. Transport valid: The BTI pass will be valid for three days from the time it is first validated.

    3. Price of card: The pass costs € 16.50.

    4. Where to purchase: The BTI travel pass can be purchased at authorized sales agents and at the metro stations. The pass must be validated first before the first trip at ticket machines in railway stations, trains, trams and buses. Once the ticket is validated, it will include the validity time and date details.




Tourist Travel Card - Restaurant Discount Card

  • 1.Benefit of the card: The Tourist Travel Card for Rome will allow you to save a considerable amount of money in dining privileges by providing you discounts at all participating restaurants. Simply show your card at any of the participating locations to enjoy a percentage-based discount for each restaurant you visit. It offers discounts of at least 10 percent on each meal. There are no blackout dates so you will be able to easily use the card whenever you need. In case of an issue, there is a local company call centre that will provide you all the assistance needed.

    2.Restaurants applicable: The Tourist Travel card offers you discounts at dozens of restaurants, ice-cream parlours, cake shops, coffee shops, pizzerias and pubs throughout the city.

    3.Price and validity: This discount card costs €12 and is valid for 2 adult travellers. The card can be used at unlimited participating restaurants and pubs and is valid for 5 days from the time it is first used.

    4.Online purchase: The Tourist Travel Card can be purchased online and the original card must be shown at each restaurant or pub you visit in order to enjoy the discounts.




CIS - Travel Discount Card

  • 1. Benefit of the card: CIS is an integrated tourist pass that allows you to travel throughout Rome without having to spend too much on public transportation. This weekly tourist pass can be used for unlimited travel in Rome on trolleybuses, trams, buses, urban buses, subway lines and even on some of the regional trains like 2nd class Trenitalia regional railways and other trains like Rome-Viterbo, Rome-Giardinetti and Rome-Lido. This tourist pass cannot be used for special tourist buses and links like the Archeobus or 110 Open. It also excludes the use of the Trenitalia nonstop link.

    2. Transport Valid: This weekly tourist pass will be valid for 7 days from the time you first validate it.

    3. Price of the card: The Pass costs € 24.

    4. Where to purchase: The Pass can be easily purchased at the metro stations, train stations, authorized resale points and in some bars in Rome. This weekly transportation pass needs to be validated before use and personal details must be written on the pass. The ticket should be carried for each trip and needs to be shown to control personnel when required.




Rome Archaeological Card - Attraction Entry Discount Pass

  • 1. Benefit of the card: The Rome Archaeological Card has been designed specifically for tourists interested in archaeological attractions. The card can be used to visit each site once and it provides a combined saving in comparison to the individual entry fee that would have to be otherwise paid for each venue. Additionally, it also allows ticket holders to bypass all the lengthy queues at each location and save a considerable amount of time.

    2. Attractions applicable: This card provides you entrance to Rome's 10 best archaeological attractions like the Colosseum, the Forum, Palatine Hill, Diocletian Baths and Palazzo Massimo among others.

    3. Card price and validity: The Rome Archaeological Card will be valid for 7 days from the first visit and costs €28.00 for an adult.

    4. Online purchase: The card can be purchased directly at each of these sites. However, booking it online will allow you to print out the entry voucher ahead of time and plan your visits accordingly. You can fill up the form and provide your credit card information to get a print out of the entry ticket. This entry voucher can be presented at the ticketing desk at any of the locations.






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