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Top Accra Walking & Biking Tours


Accra City Tour

clock 6 hours
  • There will be a walking tour of James Town and visit to some of the forts used for the Transalatic Slave...Read more

A Day Trip To Cape Coast

clock 1 day
  • Cape Coast Castle, which was the seat of the British Colonial administration until 1877 when the capital was moved to Accra. The Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Elmina Castle, built in 1482 and is said to be the oldest European built structure outside of Europe. The castle was used during the Anglo Dutch War of 1664-1666 by Admiral...Read more

The Cape Coast Tour

clock 11 to 15 hours
  • Cape Coast is a must visit tour destination in Ghana. The presence of forts and castles have made this destination a popular site for those who want to learn more about the history of slave trade in Ghana and other parts of West Africa. These forts and castles can mostly be found on the coast of Ghana. While in Cape Coast, we will also visit the...Read more

Accra To Cape Coast Tour

clock 12 hours
  • This tour provides visitors with the insight knowledge on the history of Colonialism and Barbaric practices during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. It also gives visitors the opportunity to experience beautiful vegetation of the Central Region of...Read more

Accra To Cape Coast Day Trip

clock 10 to 11 hours
  • This experience will take you on a journey which will expose you to the activities of the slave trade era and the effects it had on communities, nations and humanity as a whole. Participants will also get to enjoy the Flora and fauna of Ghana at the Kakum National Park as we go on Canopy Walk in the...Read more

Accra City Tour

clock 3 to 4 hours
  • Accra is one of West Africa vibrant cities with so much to see from colonial buildings, museums, busy markets for the strong hearted to Jamestown fishing community.

    This tour starts from 9-10am. We advice in the morning when the sun is not at its peak. All fees paid will includes admission to attractions and transportation.

    • A...Read more

Experience the Beauty, History and the Culture Of Accra in a Day

clock 6 hours
  • This tour gives travellers the opportunity to experience the beauty, historic monuments and the great cultural heritage the city has to offer. It also offer visitors the opportunity to experience the pleasure and the artistic nature of the...Read more

Full-Day Private Tour to Cape Coast and Elmina from Accra

clock 9 to 10 hours
  • On this tour expect a lot of fun from start to finish. We will visit the Kakum Rain Forest and Canopy Walk which is one of the very few existing canopy walkways in the world - here at Kakum we give you the opportunity to try out and have a taste of the wonderful cocoa fruit. You will also have coconut juice to refreshing with after the canopy...Read more

2-Night Introduction to Ghana Tour from Accra

clock 2 days
  • When you touch down in Accra you want to know where you are going next and know that you have a safe ride from the airport to a decent place to stay in your comfort range for the night. You will be picked up at the airport and be taken to our choices of hotel. On day 2 you will have an hour travel consultation and 3 hours tour of Accra. On day 3...Read more

Ghana 2020 Beyond The Return : Accra City Tour

clock 5 hours
  • Explore Accra as a local on this guided tour of Ghana's capital. You will get to experience Accra and its top arttractions such as the Makola Market, Kwame Nkrumah Park, and the Art Centre in private transportation so that you can avoid public transit and driving in traffic. All of this and more you will do in a relaxing and memorable way. Plus,...Read more

8 Day Cultural, History and Adventure Tour

clock 8 days
  • Citizen Tours provides visitors with all that Ghana has in a very organized manner making the traveler comfortable on the trip.
    We have explored the length and breadth of the country and created comprehensive community based, regional based, and cross-regional based packages that gives our clients a reasonably packed itinerary making their trip...Read more

Guiding Tours In Ghana/West Africa

clock 10 days
  • Starvee Tours offers visitors a unique guided tour experience with activities that involve visitors in the history, culture, art and cuisines of Ghana.
    Starvee Tours are provided by expert professional guides who have intimate knowledge of Ghana and her people, West African culture and site attractions.
    Our tour Itinerary is flexible and...Read more

(Year Of Return)One Day Tour To Cape Coast, Elmina Castle, Kakum National Park

clock 1 day
  • Take a day trip by private car from Accra to Cape Coast to visit the main attractions: Elmina Castle, Kakum National Park and Cape Coast Castle.

    If you only have few days in Accra and want to make a quick trip to Cape Coast, Elmina and back you are at the right place. We arrange special trip to the coast and back in Accra with very...Read more

Authentic Beach, Culture & History Tour

clock 1 hour
  • Discover the extraordinary indigenous culture, traditional lifestyles and the warmth of Ghanaians on this introductory exploration of Ghana’s stunning eco-beaches and thriving unspoiled hotspots. Get introduced to the sights and soothing sounds of the Atlantic Ocean as you frolic along the pleasantly uncrowded palm-fringed white sandy...Read more

A Day in Accra

clock 6 to 9 hours
  • This tour has been arranged to give travelers a local experience that connects them to the Ghanaian culture and people. It also educates travelers on the lives of important people like Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and WEB Dubois and also gives travelers a feel of some of the oldest towns of Accra. Travelers also get the chance to try some Ghanaian local...Read more

Cape Coast & Elmina Tours with Boat Cruise on Sea

clock 7 to 8 hours
  • excellent customer service talking to a large groups and turning each tour into an experience, specializes in historic,Museums,Fort ,properties and sites for a Travellers to walk around with your local Guide to show you the vibrant City with Black history and excellent Gallaries to the ELMINA CASTLE,the last place that thousands of African Slaves...Read more

The Return: Cape Coast Castle Experience

clock 12 hours
  • Cape Coast and Elmina Castles are two of the largest remaining structures symbolizing the last point of contact for millions of Africans who left the continent to be enslaved across the Americas. This experience includes a tour of the castles, a historical walking tour of Cape Coast where the vestiges of the slave trade remain, lunch, and a...Read more

One day tour at Kumasi

clock 4 to 8 hours
  • Tour like a local and experience the culture and the tradition of the Asante Kingdom, the heartbeat of...Read more

Primal Arts, Reggae and Culture Tours to Ghana

clock 10 days
  • Explore African Identity through Expressive Arts, Reggae and Culture. This experience will open all of the senses to new tastes and customs, ultimately revealing to you the true meaning of culture. Rave with locals at live Reggae events around town and feel the vibes!
    Express the Inner...Read more

A Tour to Boti Falls

clock 9 to 12 hours
  • The purpose of this tour is to bring people closer to nature. It involves outdoor adventures and fun activities. This tour is also an opportunity for people to participate in trilling and physically engaging activities while taking solace in the the beautiful sight of the waterfall....Read more