Bingo Bar Crawl

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    It's a pub crawl with a really fun twist: everyone gets a Bingo card at the beginning of the night, with 25 numbers in a 5x5 grid, Each number associated with one of the challenges written on the inside of the card - there are 75 challenges in total. Throughout the night, crawlers can earn points by completing lines of 5 challenges, and they can trade in these points for prizes at the end of the night.

    Some of the challenges are easy, like getting a kiss from a stranger :) some of them are a LOT harder, like doing a tequila suicide (salt up the nose and lemon in the eye). And some of them... like licking someone without them noticing, might get you into a bit of trouble. But what's life without a few laughs?

    A lot of pub crawls like using the phrase: an unforgettable night you'll never remember. For us though... no matter how much you drink throughout the night, there's no forgetting this crazy crawl through the wild side!

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