Dining in the Dark in Kuala Lumpur Admission Ticket


clock1 hour 30 minutes


    Welcome to the dark abyss of fine dining in Kuala Lumpur! Enhance your senses to intensifying heights as you dine in total darkness served by the first of its kind in Malaysia. Experience the unique concept in the heart of the capital city for a one-of-a-kind gastronomic adventure!.

    Before you go into the shadowy confines of the dining hall, get to participate in a short icebreaker session with your companions for a fun interlude.

    Finally, step into the void and let professional service personnel–who are visually impaired–guide you to your tables and the step-by-step process of dining in the dark! Keeping the mysterious ambiance alive, choose from three different Surprise Menu choices and await its delicious reveal at the end of the dinner.

    Dazzle your date nights with mystifying delight as you anticipate one bite at a time! Let your heightened sense of taste enjoy a 4-course feast served by a renowned chef and trust your service personnel to assist.

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