Skip the Line Ferry Tickets For All Greek Islands.

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    Imagine your self at 6.00am in the port of Athens waiting in the ticket kiosk line to print your official paper (card ticket) for the ferries that go to Mykonos, Santorini and many other more.Make a short icon in your mind...middle July,,,early wake up,,,packing stressfully the luggages back in the hotel,,,,trying to find a cab ,,,arrive late because of the traffic jam and in 30 minutes the ship is leaving and you must wait in a line of 600 people to take the paper cards..

    Forget about it...

    Unfortunately you dont know any particulars in the issue of ferry tickets in Greece.When you buy Ferry tick online the eshops will sent you a E-VOUCHER-online ticket which you will eventually not be able to use directly to board the boat.Because that type of tickets are not accepted from the crew of the ships.With our service you will have your genuine ferry tickets delivered to the hotel of your choice,skip the cases that you have been slow to reach the port and the ship is ready for departure.

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