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Ethiopian Food and Drink Culture Tour in Addis Ababa

clock 6 to 8 hours
  • Explore Ethiopia’s world-famed cuisine on this full-day tour. While immersing yourself deep in the culture of Ethiopia, your taste buds will have a busy day in the office. On this popular tour, you will be presented with the challenge of baking the spongy bread injera with local mothers, experience a full Ethiopian coffee ceremony and learn...Read more

Full Day Tour of Addis Ababa with Hotel Pickup and Drop-off

clock 6 to 8 hours
  • Full day city tour of Addis Ababa which include the National Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Merkato, Ba’ata Mariam Church, St. George Cathedral and the view of Addis Ababa from Mount...Read more

Day Trip From Addis Ababa To Debre Libanos & Portuguese Bridge

clock 6 to 8 hours
  • This Tour will give a partial view of the Ethiopian Rural area like experiencing the local hut or grass houses of the countryside and chance of learning about the history of Ethiopia, the Life in the monastery and its museums, and also you will have a chance of seeing the Ethiopian endemic baboons called Chilada, variety of bird life which are...Read more

Addis Ababa half day city tour

clock 4 hours
  • This is half day Addis Ababa city tour. This tour provides you a chance to catch up the some attraction sites of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia just in 4 hours. The tour will start before noon at 08:30 to 12:30 or after noon at 13:30 to 17:30 hours everyday. Pick up and drop off point can be airport or hotel. In this tour you will see...Read more

Local Ethiopian Food Tour Addis Ababa

clock 9 hours
  • Join us for a walking Food Tour through one of Addis Ababa's neighborhoods where we will sample all kinds of Ethiopia's famous food! We will visit three restaurants, a juice house and coffee house sample vegetarian dishes, beef dishes and fresh fish. The tour starts at 7 am and ends around 8...Read more

Day Trip to Debre Libanos and Blue Nile Gorge

clock 9 hours
  • This Tour will give a partial view of the Ethiopian Rural area like experiencing the local hut or grass houses of the countryside and chance of learning about the history of Ethiopia, the Life in the monastery and its museums, and also you will have a chance of seeing the Ethiopian endemic baboons called Chilada, variety of bird life which are...Read more

Best of Addis Ababa Guided City Tour

clock 5 to 7 hours
  • If you are looking to explore Addis Ababa in just one day with an experienced guide who has lived all their life in the City, you have come to the right place! On this all-inclusive tour, we have hand-picked the must-see places for you, some of which are listed below:

    Nature & Viewpoint - Entoto Mountains offers the best viewpoint of Addis...Read more

Harar, Eastern Ethiopia; 3 Days / 2 Nights

clock 3 days
  • The presence of 99 mosques made Harar to be considered as the Fourth Holiest City in Islam next to Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem. Harar is a symbol of tolerance and peaceful co-existence of peoples and religions. Harar is also famous for its “Hyena Men” who make their living by playing on remarkable show of tamed hyenas and also known by its...Read more

7-Day Camping Tour in the Western Highlands from Addis Ababa

clock 7 days
  • On this trip, you will see the palace of Abba Jiffar, the last independent King of Jimma, visit the stunningly beautiful Kafa Biosphere Reserve, the birthplace of coffee, tour the Bebeke Coffee Estate - the largest in Ethiopia and meet people of the Surma and Dizi tribes and learn about their ways of...Read more

Arba Minch, Dorze Tribe, Konso, and Awasa Private 4 Days Tour from Addis Ababa

clock 4 days
  • It is four days private nature, culture and wildlife tour from Addis Ababa. This 4-days tour of southern Ethiopia takes visitors south to Arba Minch, Konso, Dorze, Shashemene and Awassa.

    With 4-Days Arba Minch, Dorze Tribe, and Awasa Private Guided Tour: -
    - Visit two UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Ethiopia - Steles of Tiya and Konso...Read more

Historical tours - in five days, Addis Ababa, Axum, Laliebla and Gonder

clock 5 days
  • On this tour you will visit the most important cultural sites in the country, which will lead you to the ancient city of Aksum, where the real ark has been preserved for 3000 years Another highlight of the trip will be the 11 rock churches of laliebla. The former capital of Gonder with the Palaces of the Kings and the churches worth seeing is also...Read more


clock 8 days
  • During this eight-day exploration of Ethiopia, you'll discover ancient history, endless landscapes, artistic riches, and delicious cuisine. Starting in Addis Ababa, you'll meet 'Lucy', one of the oldest Hominid Fossil found on earth. Traveling further afield, explore the incredible churches at Lalibela and the remains of millennia-old kingdoms at...Read more

Private Full Day Addis Ababa Guided City Tour With Airport & Hotel Pick Up

clock 7 to 8 hours
  • Private official tour guide during your visit in Addis Ababa
    Private comfert vehicle with AC for your tour
    Admire the most emblematic attractions of Addis Ababa, its beautiful architecture churches and impressive sights
    Professional team creating your perfect day
    Important monuments in Addis and sights: like holly trinity churches...Read more

Half Day City Tour of Addis Ababa

clock 3 to 4 hours
  • Half Day city tour of Addis Ababa will give you a glimpse of the fastest growing country in Africa, You will witness the History and the culture of this Thousands of years old...Read more

8 Days Omo Valley

clock 8 days
  • Ethiopia’s Omo Valley region is one of the most remote parts of this incredible country. Omo Valley is Located in the Southern part of Ethiopia, this distant region feels like a world away from Northern Ethiopia – with a rural and tropical feel, it was more reminiscent of sub-Saharan Africa than anywhere else in the country. In this Unique...Read more

Addis Ababa through my eyes

clock 6 hours
  • On this tour, we want benefits you by taking you out of the busyness of the city. Escape into Ethiopia will help you to enjoy Botanical Garden, is a place where you won’t waste any time getting inside to the Garden at this Addis Ababa. On this walking tour of Addis Ababa, you’ll explore the amphitheater’s first and second levels with a...Read more

Historical Tour of Northern Ethiopia

clock 10 days
  • Northern Ethiopia is truly fascinating and incredible to explore. Many of its treasures are still unknown, we take you on a well-organised adventure tour throughout the northern highlands, stopping off along the way to soak in daily life and culture with the hospitable people of Amhara and...Read more

Discover Debre Libanos Monastery, Portuguese Bridge and Jimma Valley

clock 10 hours
  • We will visit one of the most important sites in the history of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Admire stunning views of the Gur River from the Portuguese Bridge, as it plunges into a waterfall hundreds of meters high. You will also see a cave where Gelada baboons sleep at night. Look out for the endemic birds including banded barbet, Abyssinian...Read more

Ultimate Historical Exploration of North Ethiopia

clock 13 days
  • Nature, history, religion, and culture will shape this tour. The tour begins at the capital where you will visit the most famous museums, beautifully designed cathedrals, and the open-air market Merkato. It will then end with a community visit to Genete Mariam, Hudad, and Mekina Medhanialem...Read more

Addis Ababa Walking Tour

clock 6 hours
  • Discover Addis Ababa on this walking tour. Start the tour on the historical neighborhood, take local transportation (public taxi) from the meeting points to the national museum. Here, you will absorb the famous museum which is homed the oldest human fossil (Lucy). You will walk to the famous market place after the visit of the museum and you will...Read more