Top Attractions In Hong kong For Free

Did you know that there are actually 263 islands that make up Hong Kong? However, the one that you’ll all probably be most interested in visiting is the largest and most famous one; Hong Kong Island itself!

Hong Kong is a unique place to visit as it’s not really a country or a city; it’s actually a Chinese administrative region which makes it one of the most unique places in the world!

There’s so much to see and do in Hong Kong and you won’t want to miss a single second of sightseeing while you’re there!

Whether you’re visiting for one week or one month, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best free attractions in Hong Kong, as well as the top-rated paid attractions too!

Free Things To Do in Hong kong

1. Hong Kong Park (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Similarly to escaping the bustling city streets of New York in Central Park, Hong Kong Park provides a gentle oasis away from the vibrant lights and busy city life in Hong Kong.

While the park might not be huge in size, it does offer visitors to the city a relaxing place to enjoy an afternoon stroll, a lunchtime picnic or a visit to the aviary where you can see some of the world’s most exotic birds.

The park is also home to Flagstaff House; the oldest colonial building in Hong Kong that was built in 1846.

Hong Kong Park has something for everyone to enjoy and it’s a lovely space for kids to enjoy running around and burning off some steam before heading back into the dense metropolis.

Address: Central, Hong Kong

2. Temple Street Night Market (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Temple Street Night Market is a must-visit place in Hong Kong and it’s one of the best free attractions in the city.

While you could easily spend all of your holiday money at the many clothing, jade and antiques stalls, Temple Street Night Market is also the perfect place to soak up some truly Asian culture.

You’ll also find many fortune tellers and street performers and buskers throughout the bustling bazaar; it’s a great place for backpackers to visit who want to enjoy the local culture without spending too much money!

The market stalls officially open at around 4pm every day and stay open until late at night, so there’s no need to rush around all the stalls; just take your time and enjoy the surroundings!

Address: Temple St, Jordan, Hong Kong

3. A Symphony of Lights (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Hong Kong’s ‘A Symphony of Lights” show holds the title as the “World’s largest permanent light and sound show” and is without a doubt one of the top free things to see in Hong Kong.

45 buildings along the Hong Kong skyline take part in the extravagant light performance at around 8pm every evening and it’s a symphony (pun intended!) of magical lighting and music.

The best places to view the light show are from the Avenue of Stars on Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade or better yet; from a cruise boat on the harbour. Of course, there are also many other free places to view the spectacle, but the Avenue of Stars is said to be the very best and most family-friendly!

Address: Central Hong Kong

4. Dragon’s Back Hike (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Avid hikers and backpackers will love this free activity in Hong Kong!

The relatively easy hike along Dragon’s Back provides remarkable views of the mountainous region in Hong Kong, as well as the numerous nearby islands.

Beginning at Cape Collinson Catholic Cemetery, the hike will take you up a steep incline for approximately half an hour before you reach the highest point where you’ll then walk along the rolling hills that provide this area with its appropriate name; Dragon’s Back.

While it’s an activity that’s probably better suited to more experienced hikers, that doesn’t mean to say novice expeditioners wouldn’t enjoy it too; just be prepared for short, steep inclines on the way there!

Address:between Wan Cham Shan and Shek O Peak, Hong Kong Island

5. Chungking Mansions (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Chungking Mansions are one of the most alternative and one of the best free things to do in Hong Kong.

Inside the mysterious 17-storey complex, you’ll find a plethora of vast eateries and food market stalls with cuisines from all over the world, including Indian, African, Middle Eastern and Chinese delicacies.

The Mansions are also home to many towers, all housing numerous apartments, guesthouses, electronic shops and clothing stalls. Here you’ll find locals selling everything from fabrics, to food, to jewellery to art.

You don’t need to spend any money to enjoy Chungking Mansions, but it is a great place to soak up some quintessentially Hong Kong culture, and learn about what the city was like before it was transformed into a busy technology-driven metropolis.

Address: Chungking Mansion, 36-44 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

6. Clock Tower (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Located on the southern shore of Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon, the Clock Tower is one of Hong Kong’s most historic buildings.

Standing at an impressive 44-metres high, the Clock Tower is Hong Kong’s very own version of Big Ben and it’s a stop that you’ll definitely want to have on your Hong Kong itinerary.

Even though you can no longer access the building, it’s still one of the best free attractions in Hong Kong as it’s home to so much immensely interesting history.

It’s the only remaining structure of the Kowloon-Canton Railway building which was the original railway system between Hong Kong and mainland China.

It looks beautiful both during the day and at night and is an idyllic landmark to visit in Hong Kong all year round.

Address:10 Salisbury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

7. Po Lin Monastery (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

The Po Lin Buddhist Monastery is consistently recognised as one of the top free attractions in Hong Kong and for good reason.

Translating as “precious lotus”, the Po Lin Monastery is a place that’s suited to culture fanatics and those wanting to learn more about the Buddhist beliefs.

The Monastery is most notably famous for being home to the “Big Buddha” statue which towers at an impressive height of over 100 feet!

There’s also remarkable views of the countryside from high up on the hill at Po Lin and it makes for a truly picturesque place in Hong Kong.

Don’t forget to bring plenty of water with you and make sure your camera batteries are fully charged as you’ll undoubtedly be using them a lot to take pictures of the might Buddha statue!

Address:Ngong Ping, Hong Kong

8. Kowloon Walled City Park (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

This historical park is one of the best free things to do in Hong Kong as it’s absolutely teeming with fascinating historic tales.

Once a military stronghold, Kowloon Walled City Park now serves as a picturesque park that commemorates the infamous building where tens of thousands of people once lived so tightly together.

Despite being a “park”, it’s not necessarily a place that’s designed with children in mind and is a destination better suited to history lovers and people interested in learning more about what happened in Hong Kong between the 15th Century and World War 2.

Even though most of the Walled City was bulldozed down in 1993, you can still find a few remnants of the towers, including the Chinese-style Yamen and the South Gate.

Address: Carpenter Road Park, Kowloon City, Hong Kong

9. Bank of China Viewing Platform (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

In a city that’s full of as many towering skyscrapers as Hong Kong is, it’s safe to say that you’ll want to get a good view of everything below, without paying extortionate entry fees to viewing platforms and observation decks.

Thankfully, the Bank of China in Central Hong Kong has its very own viewing platform on the 43rd floor, and best of all; it’s free!

This is definitely one of the best free attractions in Hong Kong and something that the whole family can enjoy.

You’ll be able to see for miles around the city and enjoy people watching from tens of storeys high!

The high vantage point also provides you with the opportunity to spot some of Hong Kong’s other top landmarks and you’re sure to get some incredible pictures!

Address:1 Garden Road, Bank of China Tower, Central Hong Kong

10. Bowen Road (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

For another place in Hong Kong that offers unparallel (and free!) views of the city below, head to Bowen Road; a 2.5-mile long path that’s perfect for hanging out and escaping the city.

It’s a place that’s frequented by joggers and dog walkers who want to get away from the bustling city, but it’s also a popular spot amongst tourists who want to gain a more unique vantage point to admire the action below.

Bowen Road runs from Magazine Gap Road in Central Hong Kong to Stubbs Road in Happy Valley and is an idyllic place to enjoy a leisurely afternoon stroll while admiring the beautiful surroundings.

Bring the whole family along and pack a picnic to enjoy once you’ve finished your walk!

Address:Magazine Gap Road to Stubbs Road, Tai Hang Road and Wong Nai Chung Gap Road


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