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Top Attractions In Marrakech For Free

Marrakech is arguably one of the most thriving and eclectic cities in Africa and is renowned for its bountiful temples, mosques, palaces and sprawling gardens.

You’ll also find plenty of history hidden within the medina’s towering walls, and the souks of Marrakech are something that simply cannot be missed if you’re looking for traditional jewellery, textiles and pottery.

There’s also so much delicious food to be sampled in Marrakech and it’s a place that you’ll want to visit sooner rather than later to sate your cultural needs.

Our guide below features the 10 best free attractions in Marrakech, plus inspiration for the top paid activities and attractions in Marrakech too.

Free Attractions in Marrakech

Top Rated Marrakech Attractions


Walls of the Old Medina

Marrakech is arguably best known for its ancient walls that surround the city; also known as the Walls of the Old Medina.

These walls are donned in beautiful architecture and numerous gates which offer entry through the walls at certain points.

If you’re in the market to experience a wealth of history and culture while in Marrakech, then spending some time around the Walls of the Old Medina is a free attraction in...

Atlas Mountains Beginners Mountain Biking Tour from Marrakech

clock Duration: 7 hours
  • A relaxing tour away from the hustle bustle of the city life.
  • Take a mountain trek and enjoy the panoramic views from the mountains.
  • Feast your taste buds to the delicious Moroccan cuisine.
  • Take in the stunning views...
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Menara Gardens

The Menara Gardens are a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Marrakech so it’s safe to say that they more than deserve a visit while you’re in Marrakech.

Unlike the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech which is another popular place to hang out in the city, the Menara Gardens don’t charge admission so you can take the whole family and not worry about having to pay entry costs.

It’s hard to say which part of the...

quad bike tour in the palmeraie of Marrakech

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • This is a guided quad bike tour in Palmeraie of Marrakech.
  • The tour covers many natural beauties in Northern Marrakech region.
  • The tour ends with a cup of Moroccan tea.
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Souk Semmarine

Another thing that Marrakech is most famed for is its eclectic offering of souks; AKA markets and spice stalls.

The souks of Marrakech are offered in abundance but one of the very best and most popular is Souk Semmarine.

Souk Semmarine is home to two separate souks within itself. You’ll find Spice Square and Souk el Attarine that fork out halfway through Souk Semmarine.

With stalls selling everything from...

Marrakech City Bike Tour

clock Duration: 2 to 3 hours
  • This is a guided day tour of Marrakech on a cycle.
  • The tour covers many important sights of the city.
  • The tour includes mild refreshment.
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Jemaa el Fna

Situated within the heart of the city, Jemaa el Fna is Marrakech’s main town square.

Jemaa el Fna is a great place to hang out in Marrakech, regardless of who you’re travelling with as there’s always entertainment and places to eat that suits everyone’s tastes.

You’ll find a plethora of street food vendors and performers such as magicians, dancers and singers; you could literally spend hours...

The Palmery Off-Road Bike Tour from Marrakech

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • This is an off-road bike tour from Marrakech to Palmery.
  • Tourists spot many animals and scenic nature elements along the way.
  • This is an exclusive mountain biking tour.
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Rahba Kedima Square

Another great souk that you should add to your list of the best free attractions in Marrakech is the Rahba Kedima Square bazaar.

This bazaar is one of the quieter and more placid souks within Marrakech’s city so it’s a much better option if you’re travelling with children and don’t want to risk them getting lost in the bigger souks.

Rahba Kedima Square is a great place in the city to tuck into tasty,...

4-Hour Marrakech Food Tour by Bike

clock Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • This is a guided day tour through streets of Marrakech.
  • The tourists cover the Jemaa el-Fnaa and other streets on a cycle.
  • This is an exclusive food tour.
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Station Marrakech

While you might think it odd to include a train station within this list of the best free attractions in Marrakech, the main station of the city is actually one of the best things to see.

Station Marrakech is a must-visit place if you love stunning architecture as the front of the station is truly beautiful.

While there’s not much else to see or do inside the station apart from to catch a train or to get a refreshing...

Camel Ride & Quad Bike tours in the palm grove of Marrakech

clock Duration: 4 hours
  • This tour will give you a thrilling experience of the rugged countryside through a 2-hour Quad Bike ride.
  • You will also have the chance to jump on a camel's back for 1 hour and trek the Palm grooves in the area and witness some verdant...
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Arsat Moulay Abdeslam Cyber Park

If you’ve been in Marrakech for a couple of days and you feel like you need some respite from the hectic city streets and loud noises of the city, then a visit to the Arsat Moulay Abdeslam Cyber Park needs to be on your Marrakech to-do list.

This park offers a tranquil haven away from the everyday sights of the city and is one of the best free attractions in Marrakech if you’re visiting with kids.

Arsat Moulay...

Marrakech Palm Oasis and Desert Quad Bike Adventure

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • This is a 3-hour quad bike ride experience through Marrakech's rocky desert.
  • Apart from the rugged terrain, you will also see the beautiful palm groves in the area.
  • You will be able to have a feel on how to be a local in...
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Jardin el Harti

For another excellent option in Marrakech if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, make sure you pay a visit to Jardin el Harti.

This park is another family-friendly place in the city and offers spectacular greenery, numerous fountains and stunning flowerbeds for a truly lovely atmosphere.

There’s also a children’s play area located inside Jardin el Harti park, complete with two dinosaurs; perfect for...

Marrakech Quad bike

clock Duration: 4 hours
  • This tour is about a very fun-filled and adventurous tour in the most outstanding attractions of the renowned desert.
  • It offers tourists the chance to be relieved from stress by seeing the spectacular spectacle of Atlas...
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Tin Mal Mosque

While in Marrakech, it’s safe to say that you’ll be surrounded by more than a few mosques and one of the very best and most popular in the city is the Tin Mal Mosque.

This mosque is renowned for its stunning architecture and important history, which in recent years has been renovated by a team of French people so it also has European influences too!

The Tin Mal Mosque sits proudly on top of a small hill looking down...

Atlas Mountain & Camel ride, day trip

clock Duration: 9 hours
  • This is a private day trip from Marrakech to Atlas Mountain region.
  • The tour includes camel ride, traditional meal, evening refreshment, and others.
  • The trip is conducted in an air-conditioned vehicle with a guide.
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Koutoubia Mosque

Unfortunately, you can’t actually go inside the Koutoubia Mosque as it’s strictly reserved for worshippers only, but you can spend some time wandering around its impressive grounds and admiring its gorgeous architecture.

The Koutoubia Mosque is actually the largest mosque in Marrakech and it also has significant importance over the Jemaa el Fna.

The mosque has been around since the 12-century so it’s one of...

Atlas Mountains and Three Valleys & Waterfalls: Guided Day Trip from Marrakech

clock Duration: 8 hours
  • This is a guided day tour from Marrakech to Atlas Mountain, Three Valleys and Waterfalls.
  • This road trip includes traditional lunch, camel ride, and others.
  • The tour is conducted in an air-conditioned vehicle along with a...
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FAQs about Free Things to Do in Marrakech

There are many things you can do for free in Marrakech like booking free entry into some Marrakech museums, joining locals to do some free activities and others. This allows you to have fun and relax on a budget or save for further experiences on your trip.