Top Attractions In Oslo For Free

Norway’s capital city is renowned for its stunning parks and numerous museums.

Depending on the time of year you visit Oslo, you’ll either get to experience some of the city’s most fabulous winter activities such as ice skating and frolicking in the snow, or running around the many parks in the summer.

There’s plenty of things to do in Oslo that you can enjoy all year round and we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best!

Below, you can find our list of the 10 best free attractions in Oslo, as well as the top 10 paid attractions too!

Free Things To Do in Oslo

1. Vigeland Sculpture Park (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Located inside Frogner Park, just on the outskirts of the city centre, Vigeland Sculpture Park is without a doubt one of the best and most popular free attractions in Oslo.

Vigeland Sculpture Park is a park and museum that showcases the incredible works of art of famous artist, Gustav Vigeland.

You can easily spend hours wandering around the park and admiring all the weird and wonderful sculptures.

It appears that there’s a common theme of nudity in many of Vigeland’s sculpture, but there are also numerous poignant and somewhat political creations too.

Regardless of the season, Vigeland Sculpture Park remains open all year round and is just as impressive in the summer as it is in 2-foot deep snow!

Address: Nobels gate 32, 0268 Oslo, Norway

2. Karl Johans Gate (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

The main street of the city is known as Karl Johans Gate and it’s a great place in Oslo to spend an hour or two.

Stretching for several kilometres, Karl Johans Gate is home to an abundance of shopping centres, restaurants, bars and cafes.

It’s named in honour of King Charles III John and is renowned as one of the most vibrant and lively areas of the city.

You could easily spend hours wandering around the many shops or treating yourself to delicious treats inside the many cafes.

However, if you don’t want to spend much money in Oslo, then just a simple walk up or down Karl Johans Gate is a fun activity in itself.

Address: Karl Johans Gate, Oslo, Norway

3. Royal Palace & Park (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

The Royal Palace and Park grounds in Oslo are another great free attraction to enjoy while in the city.

You can get guided tours of the inside of the Palace during the summer months, but the grounds and park are open all year round and they make the perfect place to visit with children in tow.

You’ll always find many locals enjoying their lunch break in the Royal Palace Park, as well as people getting their daily exercise routine in too.

As for tourists, you can enjoy wandering around the lush lawns and numerous ponds that punctuate the Palace Park.

Make sure you bring your camera along to snap some pictures of the Palace and its many beatific grounds to document your time in one of Oslo’s top attractions.

Address: Slottsplassen 1, 0010 Oslo, Norway

4. Aker Brygge (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

The neighbourhood of Aker Brygge in Oslo is arguably even more lively and interesting than Karl Johans Gate.

Teeming with plenty of shops, museums and restaurants, Aker Brygge is a lush place in the city to hang out for a couple of hours.

During the summer, you’ll find a popular boat bar that serves plenty of refreshing beverages and delicious cuisines from all over the world.

If you don’t want to spend any money in Aker Brygge, then you can still enjoy walking around and soaking up all the lovely atmosphere.

The nearby pier and harbour is a lovely place to hang out on a sunny day, or you can enjoy talking pictures of all the unusual buildings and architecture that surround Aker Brygge.

Address: Aker Brygge, Oslo, Norway

5. Oslo City Hall (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Oslo City Hall or Rådhuset as it’s also known as, houses the city council as well as other important organisations within Oslo city.

The building is free to enter so you don’t have to worry about any extortionate entrance fees to see inside one of the most prestigious buildings in Oslo, which is definitely a contributing factor that makes it so worthwhile to visit!

While it might not look that intriguing from the outside, once you head inside Oslo City Hall, you’re sure to be astounded by the incredible Norwegian art that dons the walls.

There’s also a grand staircase that you can head up and it makes for the perfect place to take pictures to document your experience in Oslo and the City Hall.

Address: Rådhusplassen 1, 0037 Oslo, Norway

6. Damstredet og Telthusbakken (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

While this particular free attraction in Oslo might not be to everyone’s taste, if you have a penchant for beautiful buildings and colourful architecture, then a visit to Damstredet og Telthusbakken will suit you perfectly.

Damstredet og Telthusbakken is a popular street in Oslo that features three cobblestone avenues consisting of beautifully coloured houses.

If you’re looking for a place in Oslo for great Instagram opportunities, then Damstredet og Telthusbakken is the place to be!

While there’s not really that much to see here, it’s nice to be immersed within the local wooden houses that are vibrantly colourful and cute.

Kids aren’t likely to find Damstredet og Telthusbakken very entertaining but it’s still worth a quick visit if you have time while in Oslo.

Address: Damstredet 4A, 0177 Oslo, Norway

7. Akershus Fortress (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Dating all the way back to 1299, Akershus Fortress is a medieval castle that was originally built to protect the royals and provide a royal residence.

Akershus Castle and the fortress’ grounds are completely free so they’re definitely well worth a visit while in Oslo.

Kids will enjoy seeing the archaic weapons and canons that punctuate the grounds of Akershus, and fans of history and architecture are sure to appreciate the near-pristine condition that the castle remains in.

During the summer months, you can get guided tours of the complex, but it’s easy enough to walk around and admire everything for yourself anyway.

Akershus Fortress is a great place in Oslo to learn about the city’s vibrant history for a few hours.

Address: 0150 Oslo, Norway

8. Oslo Opera House Rooftop (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

It can be argued that walking on most buildings’ rooftops without permission can lead to serious consequences and could even prove to be potentially dangerous.

However, at the Oslo Opera House, walking on its rooftop is actually encouraged and it’s also incidentally one of the best free attractions in Oslo.

From the rooftop of the Opera House, you can see all the harbour, as well as panoramic views of Oslo fjord.

This is a great attraction to enjoy with children, but just make sure you’re paying attention to their every move as it’s a very long way up!

During the winter, the roof is naturally covered in heaps of snow, so it makes for a fun and very alternative place to make a snowman!

Address: Kirsten Flagstads Plass 1, 0150 Oslo, Norway

9. Spikersuppa Rink (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Another great free attraction in Oslo that’s ideal for winter fun for the whole family is the Spikersuppa rink, residing just off Karl Johans Gate.

Spikersuppa rink is a free ice-skating rink in Oslo that’s open to the public whenever the weather is cold enough for it to freeze.

The ice-skating rink is completely free if you have your own ice skates, however, you will have to rent a pair if you don’t have your own.

While it’s not the biggest ice-skating rink in the world, Spikersuppa rink is a beautiful little rink conveniently located in the city centre of Oslo and is a lovely activity to enjoy as a family during the day or at night.

Address: 0162 Oslo, Norway

10. lsquo;She Lies’ sculpture (Free)

5 Free Tourist Attraction

Designed and created by Monica Bonvicini, the She Lies sculpture is another popular and free attraction to see in Oslo.

Visible from the harbourfront, or from atop the Oslo Opera House rooftop, the sculpture is made from glass panels and stainless steel and is supposedly made to look like it’s floating from a distance.

While the She Lies sculpture won’t take up a huge chunk of your travel itinerary in Oslo as there’s not really that much to see, it is still worth adding to your list of free attractions in Oslo.

You can tie seeing the sculpture in with your visit to Aker Brygge, the harbour or the Oslo Opera House as they’re all conveniently located in close proximity to each other.

Address: Oslo harbour, Norway


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