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    This is a visit to the iconic Berlin Icebar, a bar crafted from solid, natural ice. This trip to the winter wonderland features natural ice crafting everything from the walls to the seats and even to the glass that holds your drink. Are you wondering how to survive in the ice – themed bar? The answer is staying toasty warm with a polar jacket and thick gloves. As you enjoy the chilling experience, you will sip three drinks – one at the room temperature front bar and two inside the Icebar.

    This is a 1 hour (approx.) pre – booked ticket to the chilling Berlin Icebar. At your arrival in the beautiful wonderland area of the world, you will be served freshly made welcome cocktail in the room temperature front bar of the venue. Aftermath, you will enjoy 2 free drinks which will be served in a glass made of ice at the Icebar itself. Everybody is advised to wear polar jacket and very thick gloves to keep warm in the Icebar. This activity/trip is for everybody and it is wheelchair accessible. Instant confirmation of ticket will be received at time of booking.

    The aftermath of this trip to the wonderland has always been great comments and reviews from travelers. While some used words to qualify the memorable instants they had at the chilling icebar, other talked about drinks, cocktails, and the architectural structure of the Icebar itself. This thrilling experience is suitable for all lovers of Icebar, adventure – seeking travelers, fun – loving visitors and other related categories in Berlin City. Going here is best in group – families, friends or couples. Form your group and book this ticket to have fun in a spectacular way.

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