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Dubai Marina Speedboat Tour

Dubai Marina Speedboat Tour Tickets

Duration: 90 minutes

Places & Sightseeing tours customer reviews5.0 (410 reviews) (410 reviews)







Highlights of Tour:
  • A 90 minute speedboat ride along Dubai's coast.
  • Sightseeing from the water.
  • Live guide and lots of photo opportunities.
What You Will Do?
  • Admire the view from Dubai Marina.
  • See the man-made island group The Palm Jumeirah.
  • See 2 of Dubai's iconic hotels from the water.
What Tours Includes?
  • 90 minute speedboat ride.
  • English speaking guide.
  • Bottled water.
What Travellers Saying about Tour?
  • A good way to see the sights.
  • So much fun!
  • Exciting and Informative
Is It Right Tour for Me?
  • If you like sightseeing plus action-packed adventure this is a tour made for you.
  • Suitable for the whole family, including young kids.
  • Not suitable for pregnant women.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek Dinner

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek Dinner Tickets

Duration: 2 hour cruise. Evening lasts 2-3 hours total.

Places & Sightseeing tours customer reviews3.5 (21 reviews) (21 reviews)







Highlights of Tour:
  • A ride on the world's largest Dhow.
  • An evening dinner cruise along the Dubai Creek.
  • Evening entertainment and 5 star all-you-can-eat buffet dinner.
What You Will Do?
  • Take in the sights as you cruise down the Dubai Creek onboard the world's largest Dhow.
  • Tuck into a buffet dinner featuring international cuisine.
  • Enjoy evening entertainment with traditional dances.
What Tours Includes?
  • 2 hour cruise down the Dubai Creek.
  • 5 star all-you-can-eat buffet.
  • Evening entertainment with dancing and henna painting.
What Travellers Saying about Tour?
  • A very memorable experience for my husband and myself! We sailed through Dubai's history, had a great meal at the buffet and had fun with their show!
  • This was a fantastic cruise. Food was outstanding, and the entertainment was out of this world.
  • I loved this tour, the food was great, attention of the staff was incredible and the boat was very good!
Is It Right Tour for Me?
  • A great way to celebrate being in Dubai whether you're a couple of a group of friends.
  • Great for those who want to see some traditional entertainment and who don't mind audience participation I.e. getting up and dancing the traditional dances.
  • The buffet is international so this is not suitable for people wanting to try traditional recipes from the UAE.

Dubai Marina Luxury Yacht Tour with Breakfast or BBQ

Dubai Marina Luxury Yacht Tour with Breakfast or BBQ Tickets

Duration: Between two and three hours

Places & Sightseeing tours customer reviews4.5 (139 reviews) (139 reviews)







Highlights of Tour:
  • Cruising along Dubai's extraordinary shore.
  • Enjoying a high-end service and amenities on board the luxury yacht.
  • Travellers choose whether to sunbathe on the upper deck or stay in a climatized lower deck.
What You Will Do?
  • Choose among various meals for breakfast or treat your taste buds with delicious barbecue.
  • Sail past famous landmarks of Dubai, such as the Hotel Atlantis, Dubai Eye, Burj al Arab and modern skyscrapers.
  • Benefit from access to the upper deck, lower deck, lounge area and naturally lit cabins.
What Tours Includes?
  • Water, soft drinks and juices
  • Pastries for breakfast and a barbecue for afternoon and evening cruises
  • Service by professional crew
What Travellers Saying about Tour?
  • ...the trip was good, a lovely boat, with plenty of cold drinks on board for you.
  • The whole trip was amazing from start to finish.
  • The 2hours was well spent with lots of entertainment.
Is It Right Tour for Me?
  • The cruise is of exceptional value to travellers who just arrived in Dubai since it offers a great overview of the city.
  • Must-do for devoted gourmands
  • Travellers inclined toward entertainment and sightseeing avail of this cruise by yacht greatly.

Luxury Dubai Marina Cruise Dinner

Luxury Dubai Marina Cruise Dinner Tickets

Duration: Around an hour and a half

Places & Sightseeing tours customer reviews4.0 (173 reviews) (173 reviews)







Highlights of Tour:
  • An evening tour of Dubai by yacht accompanied with a first-class dinner and music.
  • The glass-wall boat offers great views of the sparkling city of Dubai.
  • Visitors have a broad selection of meals and drinks to enjoy during the cruise.
What You Will Do?
  • Relax while listening to the sound of the melodic, live music.
  • Treat yourself with specialities of the international cuisine.
  • Relish views of the illuminated city as you sail past iconic Dubai landmarks.
What Tours Includes?
  • A several-course dinner, including salads, main course and a dessert
  • Unlimited consumption of soft drinks, water, coffee and teas
  • Access to the lower and upper decks
  • Welcome drink upon arrival and live music during the cruise
What Travellers Saying about Tour?
  • Smooth sailing, nice food, pictures was nice.
  • There was a wide variety of food and it tasted great.
  • This dinner cruise was really fabulous, the saxophonist was outstanding...
Is It Right Tour for Me?
  • The cruise is a must-do activity for gourmands and romantic people.
  • Fans of entertainment should have a great time during the Dubai Dinner Cruise.
  • The activity is suitable for travellers of all ages.

Dubai Jet Ski Adventure

Dubai Jet Ski Adventure Tickets

Duration: Around an hour

Places & Sightseeing tours customer reviews5.0 (722 reviews) (722 reviews)

Highlights of Tour:
  • A thrilling ride in the Persian Gulf with the view of Dubai's skyline.
  • Jet-ski riders get to some of the most recognizable structures and landmarks of the city.
  • Photo stops are deployed along the route for taking exceptional photos of the cityscape.
What You Will Do?
  • Ride the waves of the Persian Gulf and feel the thrill as you get past iconic buildings.
  • Enjoy the views of bustling Dubai from the seaside and take exceptional photos at the deployed stops.
  • Approach some of the top landmarks of Dubai and take a look at them up close.
What Tours Includes?
  • Security briefing and equipment
  • Water in the bottle
  • Complimentary photos shot by the instructor.
What Travellers Saying about Tour?
  • Excellent service, lovely staff , just a perfect experience.
  • Best experience ever!!! Highlight of the week.
  • The staff was super nice!
Is It Right Tour for Me?
  • Fans of water sports are enthusiastic about this experience.
  • If you are up to excitement and amusement, strongly consider booking this activity.
  • People who like to take photos and be on the photos shouldn't miss the jet-ski tour of Dubai.

Best Scuba Diving in Dubai

Best Scuba Diving in Dubai Tickets

Duration: Two hours

Places & Sightseeing tours customer reviews5.0 (9 reviews) (9 reviews)





Highlights of Tour:
  • Diving at Jumeira Beach in Dubai allows participants to marvel at colourful underwater life and corals.
  • Instructors take photos of divers and post them on the company's Facebook page.
  • Partakers go through a detailed briefing and gradually accustom themselves to deep water.
What You Will Do?
  • Attend a briefing and acquaint yourself with the diving equipment.
  • Increase the depth step by step and admire the underwater world of Dubai.
  • Pose for an instructor to take photo of you, which you will find later posted on the company's Facebook page.
What Tours Includes?
  • Detailed briefing and instructions
  • Diving equipment and a company of a diving professional.
  • Photos taken under the water surface
What Travellers Saying about Tour?
  • Our guide was really informative, friendly and fun!
  • The experience was amazing for first time diving!
  • We fed fish swam 5 meters deep and i felt professional after 10 minutes...
  • ,
  • Diving in Dubai is an excellent activity for travellers interested in underwater exploring.
  • The Discover Scuba Diving tour is suitable for novice divers as well as for experienced ones.
  • Travellers interested in the aquatic life shouldn't miss the tour.
Is It Right Tour for Me?
  • The activity is suitable for people of all ages.
  • Travellers interested in the life in the desert and romantics should join this activity.
  • The tour is a must-do enterprise for gourmands.

Dubai City highlights with Evening Creek Dhow Cruise dinner Combo

Dubai City highlights with Evening Creek Dhow Cruise dinner Combo Tickets

Duration: 7 hours

Places & Sightseeing tours customer reviews4.0 (3 Reviews) (3 Reviews)





Highlights of Tour:
  • An exploration into the major highlights and famous attraction of Dubai city spread across the streets, neighborhoods, specific districts and regions.
  • This is an awesome sightseeing tour of important world record buildings like the sail – shaped Burj Al Arab which is one of the tallest standing building on the planet.
  • Cruise the sunset by boarding a beautiful dhow who will take you pass the bright lights, illuminated souks and mosques as you relax and dine.
What You Will Do?
  • With the sun setting over Dubai, the illuminated lights are on giving the city a unique and beautiful colorful look different from the one you see in the afternoon
  • Visit the famous Dubai Museum and see exhibits and art works dating from centuries which talks about the past Dubai has once been living.
  • Tour round the city and have a great overview of the city in the space of the afternoon hour to the evening hour
  • Crown your tour with memorable on – board buffet dinner as you relax and be filled with amusements on the Abra Boat Deck
What Tours Includes?
  • 7 hours (approx.) exploration time
  • Travel alongside a professional guide who speaks your selected language
  • Enjoy hotel pick – up and drop – off in any Dubai Hotel
  • 2 hours water cruise in Dubai creek
  • Entrance ticket into Dubai Museum
  • Boat ride across Abra waters via traditional water taxi
  • Visit to Gold Souk and Spike souk
  • Availability of Infant seat below 5 years of age
What Travellers Saying about Tour?
  • This is a highly recommendable tour, all travelers are left with dumbfounding experiences in the city of Dubai
  • the boat ride was what crowned everything with a spectacular crown. Thanks to our professional guide also
Is It Right Tour for Me?
  • Absolutely a right tour for everybody and anybody who want to have a fun – filled day in Dubai
  • Adventure lovers will not want to miss this tour for anything

Alexandra Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina

Alexandra Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina Tickets

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

Places & Sightseeing tours customer reviews4.5 (102 Reviews) (102 Reviews)





Highlights of Tour:
  • This 2 – hours package is an exploration of the waterways of Dubai Marina coupled with breathtaking sightseeing experience of Dubai highlights and a dinner cruise.
  • An exclusive tour that comes with a buffet dinner with five salads, seven main- course dishes, a sea food soup as well as four dessert option.
  • A cruise on the waterways of Dubai in a traditional wooden Arabic ship which had undergone renovation into a high class floating restaurant.
What You Will Do?
  • Sightsee the best of Dubai illuminated city and landmarks as you relax in this transformed traditional Arabic ship.
  • Pass by amazing and breathtaking places like the Cayan Tower, which is a unique building in the Dubai Marina that rotates around its axis, the Dubai eye which is the largest ferris wheel in the world and so on.
  • Enjoy a buffet dinner meal with salads, main courses, soups and dessert as you cruise the Dubai waterways in a grand style.
What Tours Includes?
  • A dhow cruise time of 1 hour 45 minutes (approx.)
  • Refreshments: Soft Drinks, water, tea, coffee or beverages
  • Cruise the waterways in a well renovated traditional Arabic Boat
  • Live entertainment (singers and dancers) on – board
  • 2 – hour dinner cruise
What Travellers Saying about Tour?
  • A great dinner cruise with so much customer services, nice foods and a good way to relax the body, spirit and soul
  • It was an amazing night, plenty of Dubai views from the waterways and much entertainment on – board the floating restaurant
Is It Right Tour for Me?
  • This is one of the few tours that provides a romantic scenario for couples’ food date.
  • An amazing tour package for you, everybody and anybody who craves for dinner in an amazing way

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