Top 5 Must-See Activities in Dubai

These are the most famous Dubai tourist attractions & sight tours which sees thousands and millions of visitors each year:

Top Dubai Museum Tickets & Skip-the-line Tours

Dubai is no short of museums as it poses a great historical emergence from a small trading post to a luxurious city of immense wealth and business. This history is best explored in the emirate’s diverse museums ranging from traditional history museums to art galleries and private collections that are now open to the public for exhibition. To get the best tickets into these amazing landmarks, check into these skip-the-line museum tickets. They’ll help you get a fast entry into the museums and you would spend the most of your time inside rather than outside on a long queue of people waiting to book an entry.

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Dubai Top Attractions Tickets & Tours

Dubai is really blessed with a whole lot of amazing things to see, picturesque places to visit, jaw – dropping attractions and lots more. Some of which includes Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Saeed Al-Makyoum House, Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Creek & AL Seef District, and many more. The best way to get into them is to book the best top attractions tickets & tours. You’ll gain fast entry, be guided by a professional escort, and enjoy live commentary and including a lot of benefits for you. Your vacation in the UAE becomes the best when you book these tours.

Top Dubai Hop on Hop off Bus Tours

One of the best way to sightsee the most of Dubai city is to get on – board the double decker bus that will take you through numerous stops and streets amidst an unlimited hop on hop off opportunity. Slide into this list of the best Dubai hop on hop off bus tours and get yourself on – board to see the beauty of the United Arab Emirate City. Tip: Look out for magnificent attractions like Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Saeed Al-Makyoum House, Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Creek & AL Seef District, and many more.

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Dubai Cruise/ Boat Hop on Hop off Tours

Apart from what lies on the streets of Dubai, the city also gives a wide range of entertainment, fun and attractiveness when it comes to water activities. How do you get involved? Book these Dubai cruise and boat tours that come with activities like water adventures, cruise parties, boat tours, canoe riding, water sports activities, and lots more. Also catch glimpse of Dubai seashore attractions and beaches including JBR Open Beach, Jumeirah Beach Park, Umm Suqeim Beach, Kite Beach Editor’s Park, Al Mamzar Beach Park, The Marina Beach, Dubai Creek, and lots more.

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Dubai Food & Wine Tours

The Dubai culinary world is a combination of Iranian, Lebanese and Arabic foods, and having a taste of them will leave you craving more. Dubai food tours will make you head out to the streets for restaurants and food-hubs to have best Arabian foods, including Manousheh – Pizza of Dubai, Iranian Sangak, Chelo Kebab, Al Harees, Al Machboos, Mandi, Oozie, Tabbouleh, Kousa Mahshi, Shirin Polo, Baba Ganoush, and lots more. With these Dubai food tours, you will be accompanied by a professional guide and also enjoy more foods/drinks than what your money would have bought. Your vacation is not complete without these well – designed food tours.

Top Dubai Theatre Shows & Concerts Tickets

With choices ranging from classical music to Bollywood masala and from world music to local Emirati talent, Dubai’s performing art centers are a good place to plug into the international scene. Some of these amazing places includes Madinat Theatre, MusicHall, Dubai Opera, Dolby Cimena, and lots more. However, it takes the best tickets of these shows to make you enjoy the best experience. So pick your Dubai theatre shows and concert tickets now and enjoy entertainment amidst fast track entry and other benefits.

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Dubai Night Tours

Dubai is a mix of traditions when it comes to welcoming visitors or entertaining them to the extent they wouldn’t want to leave. There are lots of night activities in Dubai you shouldn’t miss as they make you experience the illuminated version of the city under the night sky in a grand style. Night activities you shouldn’t miss include going to the street hubs and clubs, ride a bus or take a night cruise, or by organizing a private excursion through Dubai tour companies. Just get the best Dubai night tours to enjoy your night in Dubai grandly.

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Best Day Trips from Dubai

Do you know apart from the city center of Dubai, there are lots of amazing places you can be taken to? Or you want to spend your day having a kind of fun/exploration that runs for hours leaving you at night with unforgettable experience? Dubai is surely full of them and they are embedded in these day trips from Dubai. Your days in Dubai is secured with fun – filled moments when you book them.

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