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Best Stockholm River Cruise Trips

Life and vacation in Stockholm will be completely enjoyed when you explore both the land routes and waterways of the city. How will you achieve this? Book boat tours in Stockholm and take yourself on cruise to explore the waterways and have marvelous skyline views of Stockholm. To make you have this experience, we designed a list that contains the reliable and best Stockholm boat tours for you, including Stockholm cruise tours, cheap Stockholm boat trips, Stockholm hop on hop off boat tours, Stockholm city boat rides, and other related boat tours in Stockholm. Some of which includes: 3-Hour Brunch Cruise Stockholm Archipelago‚ Red Sightseeing Stockholm Hop-On Hop-Off Boat‚ Stockholm: The Royal Bridges & Canal Tour‚ Stockholm RIB Speed Boat Tour‚ Private Yacht Cruise with Lunch or Dinner in Stockholm Archipelago and lots more.

Our criteria for knowing and picking the best out of the numerous Stockholm boat tours include good professional guide, instant confirmation of ticket, nice comments/reviews from travelers, budget – friendly prices, no hidden charges, discounted combos, availability, easy booking, high star rating, beneficial includes and recommendation from top suppliers. Additionally, with these Stockholm boat tours of ours, you will be able to explore on a wide range the popular beaches and seashores attractions of Stockholm including: Solviksbadet‚ Reimersholme badplats‚ Langholmens Badplats‚ Ralambshovsparken‚ Smedsuddsbadet and many more. This is the best list you can ever see because all have been finalized including every information you need for easy booking and tour knowledge. Go for it, they are here to make your tour experience a memorable one.

Red Sightseeing Stockholm Hop-On Hop-Off Boat

1. Red Sightseeing Stockholm Hop-On Hop-Off Boat

clock Duration: 1 day
  • It is an amazing tour round Stockholm's most attractive places and buildings on water
  • It is a move round about 14 islands on which Stockholm is built on (e.g. Beckholmen, Djurgarden, Kastellholmen, Skeppsholmen and others)
  • A perfect opportunity to watch from your boat the interesting activities of guards at the Royal
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Under the Bridges of Stockholm

2. Under the Bridges of Stockholm

clock Duration: 2 hours
  • It is seeing Stockholm in a different style on boat by sailing under the famous bridges of the city like the Norrbro, Stallbron, Riksbron, Vasabron, Stromsborgsbron, and lots more
  • A pass through the ringlets that connects Lake Malaren with the Baltic Sea
  • A deeper exploration of the Islands in Stockholm
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Stockholm Panorama & Under the Bridges of Stockholm

3. Stockholm Panorama & Under the Bridges of Stockholm

clock Duration: 3 hours 30
  • It is a combined exploration tour of Stockholm on boat and bus
  • An intensive visit to top attractions like Stashuset, Island of Djurgarden, Kungliga Slottet and the amazing archipelago
  • A 3 - hours tour into the fantastic city's attractions in the coastal line
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Stockholm Panorama & Royal Canal Tour

4. Stockholm Panorama & Royal Canal Tour

clock Duration: 2 hours 30
  • It is a combined tour - 1hour 30 minutes in a bus and a 1-hour canal cruise round Stockholm's attractions like The Vasa Museum, Kungliga Slottet (Royal Palace) and so on
  • It is an amazing exploration into the capital landmarks and the capital watermarks
  • This is an interesting tour with a start at the Gustafs Adolfs Torg by the
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Birka the Viking City - Boat and Walking Tour

5. Birka the Viking City - Boat and Walking Tour

clock Duration: 7 hours
  • This is a visit to one of the world recognized UNESCO heritage site - the Birka
  • A full-day travel by ferry into the prehistoric Viking locality and sightsee the inside of the Viking Museum
  • A Stride through the recreated village of the Vikings giving a clear representation of how they lived their daily lives back then in
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Strömma Canal Tour to Sandhamn

6. Strömma Canal Tour to Sandhamn

clock Duration: 8 hours
  • A guided archipelago cruise to Sandham.
  • Sandham has a rich history and a lot of beautiful nature to enjoy or admire.
  • When you've gotten to the island, travelers can walk around, swim and take the sun on the sand.
  • There's also an extensive list of restaurants and cafes on the Island.
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Hop-On Hop-Off Bus and Boat Ticket in Stockholm

7. Hop-On Hop-Off Bus and Boat Ticket in Stockholm

clock Duration: 50 to 100
  • This is a combined ticket suitable for unlimited hop - on and hop - off to see and visit the amazing attractions in Stockholm
  • Move round the Stockholm's points of interest at your own pace and personalized itinerary
  • It is a ticket that gives you the best of views both on land and water from the buzzing streets to the
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Royal Canal Tour

8. Royal Canal Tour

clock Duration: 50 minutes
  • A canal cruise round the waterways of the city's central islands
  • It is a mesmerizing sail though the vicinity of Slussen and Sodermalm
  • It is a sightseeing of landmarks which can only be seen from the water bodies
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Stockholm Archipelago Sailing Day Tour

9. Stockholm Archipelago Sailing Day Tour

clock Duration: 8 hours
  • A full-day excursion filled with lots of fun-filled activities in a traditional yacht on the sweden's Largest archipelago
  • It is an exploration through the beautiful channels, havens and unpeopled islands of the Stockholm Group of Islands
  • It is an educative tour where you will be chanced to learn basics of steering, maps and
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Self-Guided Kayak Adventure In Central Stockholm (One-man kayak)

10. Self-Guided Kayak Adventure In Central Stockholm (One-man kayak)

clock Duration: 2 hours
  • Explore central Stockholm from the water! Located in a calm canal on Södermalm you will start your kayak adventure and see beautiful Stockholm...
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FAQs about Stockholm Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Stockholm boat tours are spectacular tours that take you through the waterways of Stockholm city, which is famous for its rivers for the purposes of trade. They allow you to have stunning views of the city’s skylines, let you see the Stockholm shoreline attractions and have great lunch and dinner options on the decks of boats.

Tripindicator has selected only the best Stockholm boat tours by analysing beneficial features including ease of booking, carefully reading real travellers reviews and comments on TripAdvisor, getyourguide.com, viator.com, ticketbar.com, klook.com and so on.

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