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Food Tours in Lisbon | Wine Tours in Lisbon

Are you thinking of knowing the best foods to eat as well as the best place to eat in Lisbon city? Then you are at the right place. The foods and drinks of a city are part of what defines the culture and traditions of the city. Lisbon is a city that is certainly a topic when discussing locally and internationally produced foods. We have the best food tours in Lisbon which will allow you to discover the right restaurants when you go on holiday. This list also combines a wide range of related best food tours in Lisbon, which includes: Best walking food tours Lisbon, Lisbon wine and cheese food tours, tapas and Wine tasting tours in Lisbon, Lisbon secret food tours, Lisbon pub crawl tours, Cocktail tours in Lisbon and many others.

However, we picked out these best Lisbon food tours to suit considerations like instant confirmation, budget-friendly prices, comments and reviews of tourists, star rating (4.0-5), and recommendations from top suppliers. Some of these best Lisbon food tours include: Lisbon small – group Portuguese food and wine tour, Experience Lisbon: Small group walking tour with food and wine tastings, tastes and traditions of Lisbon food tour, private flavors of Lisbon: wine and tapas tour, and many more. Furthermore, we made sure to cover major restaurants of the city including Contrabando Lisbon food tour, Alma Lisbon food tour, Ramiro Lisbon food tour, Belcanto Lisbon food tour, and many others. This is the list that gives you the best you can ever have in Lisbon when it comes to foods and wines. Designed with you, the holidaymaker, in mind!

Pastel de Nata - Learn how to make your own in Lisbon

1. Pastel de Nata - Learn how to make your own in Lisbon

clock Duration: 2 hours
  • A learning experience of the probably Portugal most iconic pastry which was created in monasteries during the 19th century on this Food learning Lisbon tour.
  • A tour that leave you with how to make your own Lisbon's iconic pastel as well as take them home with you to amaze your family and friends.
  • A cooking expedition of
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Hands on Portuguese Cooking class in Lisbon

2. Hands on Portuguese Cooking class in Lisbon

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • A cooking class on how to cook your own Portuguese dishes as well as learn the history behind their existence.
  • A dive into the cooking and cuisine history of Portugal and how they survived through generations undergoing refinery and rebranding.
  • A cooking experience that leaves you with the knowledge of every step in
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Bike Tours Lisbon - Center of Lisbon to Belém

3. Bike Tours Lisbon - Center of Lisbon to Belém

clock Duration: 4 to 5 hou
  • A discovery tour in an open - air bike into the amazing and beautiful streets of Lisbon as well as its unique attractions.
  • A unique exploring tour of hotspots and extraordinary landmarks that defines the beauty Lisbon possesses.
  • This is a bike tour from the center of Lisbon to Belem as the professional guide combines
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Lisbon Northern Region Wine Tasting Private Tour

4. Lisbon Northern Region Wine Tasting Private Tour

clock Duration: 6 hours
  • A full - day wine tasting tour into two of the best Portuguese wineries from Lisbon to Cheleiros and Bucelas.
  • A discovery tour of the distinctive varieties and local grapes that made this region a must - to - go wine tasting site in the Portugal Nation.
  • A day exploration of two picture - perfect ancient villages as well
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Setúbal wine tour two wineries private tour

5. Setúbal wine tour two wineries private tour

clock Duration: 5 hours
  • An exploration tour into the World Capital Nation of Wine having over 200 unique grapes that make up the Portugal natural habitat in their lands.
  • This is a visit to two of the largest wineries and producers in the Lisbon region where you will learn about the history of making these wines locally and how they are connected to the
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Treasures of Lisboa Food Tours

6. Treasures of Lisboa Food Tours

clock Duration: 3 hours 30
  • A food tour into having a taste of the best cuisines in Lisbon from the typical pastries to the many gourmet pearls.
  • This is a gastronomy visit to the markets, restaurants, hubs and food homes spread across the Lisbon central city and its environs.
  • A dive into the unique food products, food series and species, handmade and
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Cook and Taste Portugal Chiado

7. Cook and Taste Portugal Chiado

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • A delectable introduction to the best of Portuguese cuisines making you walk away with a new cooking knowledge of cooking new foods.
  • A cooking class that gives you adequate acquaintance of how the Lisbon's charming Chiado neighborhood will love to cook the best of Lisbon local gastronomies.
  • An immersion into the traditional
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2 Hour Lisbon Sunset and Wine Sailing Tour

8. 2 Hour Lisbon Sunset and Wine Sailing Tour

clock Duration: 2 hours
  • A cruise on the water giving you relaxing views of Lisbon's important monuments and landmarks for good two hours.
  • A perfect tour that comes with unforgettable experiences as you see Lisbon from another perspective of its beauty by seeing her major attractions from the top of water.
  • Pass by important sites that line up
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Eats, Street Art and Undiscovered Lisbon Food Tour

9. Eats, Street Art and Undiscovered Lisbon Food Tour

clock Duration: 3 hours 30
  • This is an exploration of neighborhoods that are less gotten to by tourists including downtown Lisbon.
  • A dive into the rich and cultural heritages of the Lisbon Locals which are scattered around the streets and regions of Lisbon city.
  • A walking through the streets as you have a taste of amazing food bites from restaurants
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Lisbon Food and Wine Tour (Half day)

10. Lisbon Food and Wine Tour (Half day)

clock Duration: 4 hours
  • A tour into where you'll taste the best of Portugal's foods, beverages, wines making you discover the culinary delights of Lisbon.
  • An exploration of rural neighborhoods like Region of Graca, Castelo and Mouraria and exploring the major sites that makes them a tourist centre.
  • A walking tour that saves you the stress of
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FAQs about Lisbon Food, Wine & Nightlife

Lisbon food and wine tours designed to allow travellers explore the art and culture of Lisbon locals and elites when it comes to foods, wines, beers, local snacks, etc. and also offer great knowledge of the culinary history of Lisbon city

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