Lanzarote Top Attractions Tickets & Tours

Everything in Lanzarote is beautiful and surely have a history behind it, waiting to be explored. The top attractions includes old buildings, modern architectural magnificence, fantabulous homes and attractions, amazing buildings, and lots more. Some of which includes Timanfaya National Park, Jameos del Agua Caves, Famara epic beach, Village of Haria, Jardin de Cactus, El Golfo, Tequise, and many others. Get these top attractions tickets and tours to have the best exploration of these attractions alongside professional guides and detailed live commentary.

Lanzarote Walking & Biking Tours

You can as well go on hiking and walking tours in Lanzarote which will make you cover the most important natural areas of the city. These wailing tours also make you discover the history, culture and activities of the island without rushing or shortcuts. They also includes customization to your interests and needs. The professional guides are friendly, full of commentary and also attentive to your questions.

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Top Lanzarote Hop on Hop off Bus Tours

Do you want a wide – range overview of Lanzarote city center? Get a hop on hop off bus tour for yourself. It makes you see the city more and there is an advantage of unlimited hop on hop off at various stops in the city. This type of tour gives you the opportunity to design for yourself an itinerary along the route of the bus cutting across various attractions of the city including Cueva de los Verdea, Playa Blanca, Playa de Papagayo, Playa Flamingo, Jameos Del Agua, Playa Chica, Museu de la Pirateria, and lots more.

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Lanzarote Cruise/ Boat Hop on Hop off Tours

Enjoy the unique and rare privilege of admiring Lanzarote's magnificent seashore treasures, skyline beauty and amazing waters with these Lanzarote boat tours. You'll get onboard cruise boats or ships to explore the beauty of Lanzarote that you can't see while on the land. Other activities boat tours in Lanzarote will give you includes cruise parties, on-boat dinners, sea adventures, day trips on waters, and lots more. What are you waiting for? Get yours now and have another kind of fun.

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Top Attractions in Lanzarote

Top Lanzarote Theatre Shows & Concerts Tickets

Thinking of how best to spend your evening? Then these theatre shows and concerts tickets are the best for you. They’ve been designed to make you enjoy performing arts, festivals, traditional and international concerts happening in the city of Lanzarote. Get ready to be mesmerized as these tickets will give you fast track entry and also place you on a comfortable seat for better stage view.

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Best Day Trips from Lanzarote

Let’s go off – the - city – center. The historical city of Lanzarote creates a great base from which you can explore the rest of the country. Get these days trips from Lanzarote for yourself now to enjoy the best of Lanzarote more than its city center. Benefits includes Private transportation, professional guide, live commentary, on-board customer benefits like WiFi and lots more, depending on the description of package booked. Some of these interesting places includes volcanoes and caves, La Graciosa, Fire Mountains, Lobos Island, Lanzarote Dolphin Cruise, and lots more.

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