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Half Day San Telmo Tour Discovering Fileteado Porteño

clock 4 hours
  • A unique experience to meet the art of Fileteado by touring around San Telmo and visiting the most important points of Fileteado...Read more

Premium Milonga Tango Experience in Buenos Aires

clock 3 hours
  • Visit a bohemian-style Milonga in San Telmo neighbourhood where you will learn the basic tango's
    steps with a 1-hour class. After that, put your new moves into practice and join locals and watch
    talented...Read more

First class of Tango with Mate in Private

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • An ideal experience for those curious who want to know our popular dance, its history and its curiosities, while we prepare some mates with...Read more

Tango & Milonga Tour

clock 4 hours
  • If you are in Argentina and you are visiting Buenos Aires, we suggest you enjoy a tango night adventure that you will never forget. We invite you to discover a local milonga, a traditional saloon where locals and visitors meet to dance tango. You will learn about the history of this dance, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, and you...Read more

Premium Tango Class with Cocktails and Empanadas in Buenos Aires

clock 3 hours
  • Be a tango dancer in Buenos Aires. Join us on this triple class. First of all, you will learn tango basic steps. After that, and with a local host, you will make and taste Argentinian empanadas and the most iconic Argentinian cocktails. In a relaxed, enjoyable environment, you will be guided by a professional dancer and a local bilingual...Read more

Tango Show with Carlos Gardel Dinner in Buenos Aires

clock 4 hours
  • This is an iconic place to enjoy a tango show. Ideal place for couples. Enjoy a tango class before dinner with gourmet...Read more

Premium Milonga Tango Experience in Buenos Aires

clock 3 hours
  • Visit a bohemian-style Milonga in San Telmo neighbourhood where you will learn the basic tango's steps with a 1-hour class. After that, put your new moves into practice and join locals and watch talented dancers.

    We are granted by the safe travel seal of World Travel & Tourism...Read more

Private Tango Photoshoot

clock 2 hours
  • Thanks to the continuous collaboration as a photographer in Buenos Aires with Tango artists I can facilitate access to a couple of professionals and help you during the photoshoot, as well as with the logistics and the choice of an ideal setting for the photos you want to...Read more

Discovering Tango! - Online Virtual Experience

clock 1 hour
  • I am passionate about Tango and discovering it´s history, in the same place that happened. For that I learned how to dance Tango many years ago in Buenos Aires, observed bands playing, read and studied old pictures. And now I prepared an online experience!! :o)

    In order to give my best, I did a 4 month course "Guided Visit: conceptual...Read more

Private Tango Class

clock 2 hours
  • We organize individual or group private tango classes for those people who are interested in learning the most important steps of tango dance technique.

    In a friendly atmosphere, with our accompaniment you can take your first steps and the tools to continue practicing and developing your dance.

    Classes take place on Salons of San...Read more

Tango milonga with locals

clock 3 hours 45 minutes
  • Buenos Aires and Tango are synonymous; visitors can easily find a Tango tour that you won’t find outside of Argentina. We want to take you one step further to where the Porteño goes – to the Milongas. At the Milongas, your experience will include an introduction to the codes, traditions, etc. of Tango before you have the opportunity to learn...Read more

Polo day with class and game from Buenos Aires

clock 8 hours 30 minutes
  • Buenos Aires is not only synonymous with football, it is also Polo.
    If you feel like combining sport with outdoors and country ... Polo Day is what you need.
    We will learn the secrets of this particular sport, you will be able to ride a horse and we will teach you to hit the ball! Sounds good doesn't it- And if we also accompany this with a...Read more

Intensive 30-Hour Spanish Course in Buenos Aires

clock 5 days
  • This course includes 30 hours per week of group Spanish classes with experienced teachers in our renovated building in Recoleta. The course is available for all ages and all Spanish levels. Experience a real immersion experience with our free social activities and share a classroom with students from all over the...Read more

History of Tango (Virtual Live Experience)

clock 45 minutes
  • Let´s figure out The essence of traditional tango and the influence of the underground, discovering its music,dance, codes and outstanding artists.
    Johanna renowned Tango dancer and photographer, will introduce you to the language of the Embrace through exclusive material and her unique point of view of the Contemporary Tango...Read more

Recoleta Cemetery - Buenos Aires Jewel (Virtual Live Tour Experience)

clock 45 minutes
  • In this experience you will learn the history of  this elegant and exclusive  Cemetery.

    You will be able to understand why it's considered one of the most beautiful and unusual cemeteries in the world by learning  about the graves of notable people, including Eva Perón, presidents of Argentina, Nobel Prize winners, the founder of...Read more

Private Tango Lessons

clock 1 hour
  • Tango dance is a popular creation unique in its style. Throughout a hundred years the Tango dancers were creating the most original steps and figures as far as popular dances are concerned. It's a great way to get closer to our popular...Read more

A day with an Argentinean Football Fan (Virtual Live Experience)

clock 45 minutes
  • If I ask you what a football fan is for you , How would you describe it- and what's even more... an Argentinean football fan-

    For sure, you might say that you have seen them But I can assure you that It goes beyond wearing a national or a Football team t-shirt! So, Concerned about this, I specially designed this experience because I really...Read more

Online Spanish Classes

clock 5 days 10 hours
  • Learn Spanish Online!
    Don’t miss out on the best rate for academic Spanish group classes!
    Award-winning Spanish school in Buenos Aires with twenty years of experience
    Would you like to learn Spanish at your own pace with the best quality Spanish immersion courses, with fully qualified native teachers and small class sizes- If so, then...Read more

English Classes with Native Teachers | Come on English Academy

clock 1 hour
  • Although reading and writing practices are included in the program, our main objective is to make the student feel comfortable speaking English as if they were using it every day. We focus on oral practice: speaking — listening. Classes are taught entirely in English, and within this context of immersion you will learn to think and speak in the...Read more

Regular Spanish Course (10 hours/week). Spanish Courses All levels

clock 2 hours
  • Very friendly atmosphere and personalized attention. Our classes are small and you can practice much your...Read more