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Gourmet Experience Patagonia Wine Route

clock 5 to 7 hours
  • The passengers of the hotel are retired to start the panoramic city tour of the city. The key points of the city will be visited. Then we will go to the town of San Patricio del Chañar, where two wineries will be visited; They will opt for Bodega Schroeder, Malma or End of the World. In them, regional wines recognized nationally and worldwide are...Read more

Paleontological Experience in Barreales and Bodega

clock 5 to 7 hours
  • Located 90 km from the city of Neuquén Capital is the Los Barreales Paleontological Center, the only site museum, where different species of dinosaurs that inhabited the area millions of years ago can be known both in the museum and outdoors. The site, recently opened to the public, is managed by the National University of Comahue in charge of...Read more

Tour Quebrada De Las Conchas - Cafayate - Salta

clock 5 hours
  • This tour offers the possibility of visiting and traveling in one day, starting and ending in the city of Cafayate, the most beautiful and important points of the "Quebrada del Rio de las Conchas" (Cafayate). One of the most beautiful formations in the Argentine...Read more

Rio Negro Wineries

clock 5 to 7 hours
  • In the High Valley of Río Negro, the most productive area of this province, different well-known wineries of Río Negro are located. We can visit these wineries, the majority with more than 100 years old, whose wines are more recognized nationally, where we will know the facilities being able to observe the old and current wine production...Read more

Dead Cow Expedition

clock 5 to 7 minutes
  • Located 100 km from the city of Neuquén Capital is the town of Añelo, urban capital of the region known as Dead Cow, a geological formation that is especially interested in the content of gas and oil.

    During the tour from Neuquén Capital, we will visit its history, social idiosyncrasy, main oil extraction wells, the industrial park with...Read more

Villa of the Dinos. The Chocon.

clock 5 to 7 hours
  • The town of Villa el Chocón, is located 80 km from Neuquén capital. Its tourist village, on the shore of the artificial lake Exequiel Ramos Mejía, comes from the creation of an imposing hydroelectric dam, built in the 70s. This hydroelectric power plant generates electricity for a large part of the country. It is located in an area of...Read more

Quebrada De Las Conchas Hiking from Cafayate

clock 4 hours
  • Visit the Quebrada de las Conchas reservation, an area of great natural beauty with very striking rock formations of reddish colors. Our tour Quebrada de las Conchas Hiking from Cafayate, combines sections traveled by vehicle, with trekking, making it a walk suitable for all kinds of...Read more

Quebrada De Las Conchas Bike Tour from Cafayate

clock 4 hours
  • Visit the Quebrada de las Conchas natural reservation, an area of great natural beauty, with very striking rock formations of reddish colors.

    Our Quebrada de las Conchas Bike Tour from Cafayate, invites you to hop on a bike to travel along the scenic Route No. 68, for about 35 km, through the most curious landscapes. We will see...Read more

Half-Day Wine Road Premium Tour From Cafayate

clock 4 hours
  • This excursion is a tour to 2 wineries of Cafayate that are positioned as one of the best of the Calchaqui Valley. There are 2 different options available. This tour could be to San Pedro de Yacochuya and Piattelli Vineyards on the West side or you could go to El Esteco and El Porvenir de los Andes on the East. Of course, a winery tour would not...Read more

City Tour: Neuquen City

clock 3 hours
  • Taking a walk through the city of Neuquen, is a unique experience where you can enjoy its landscapes, know its history and see its exponential...Read more

Observe a Total Solar Eclipse in Patagonia - 3-day Astro Wild Camping Program

clock 3 days
  • Come to watch the December 2020 Total Solar Eclipse in Argentine Patagonia, one of the best viewing places on Earth! The Astro Wild Camping was designed for Eclipse hunters offering the possibility of avoiding traffic during the day of the Eclipse. Camp at Catan Lil Estancia, one of the oldest ranches in the region, located over a large extension...Read more