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Assisi History:

The town of Assisi in the region of Umbria is steeped into history and has history pouring out from its every nook and crevice. It has its roots in the Roman conquests and until the 13th century the town was considered to be a part of Rome.

The famous bishop called Rufinus went ahead and evangelized the people who lived here in 238 AD. Then it was attacked by Totila in 545 Ad and it went on to become a part of the Longobard and Frankish Duch territories.

Then in the 11th century it was able to declare itself independent and shake off the yokes of bondage. This was mainly of the Ghibelline faith. The in 1198 without any imperial vicar ruling it the people took advantage and attacked Conrad von Lutzen.

This led to the taking place of a battle against Perugia and the battle was known as the battle at Ponte San Giovanni. Perugia took several prisoners after the battle and one of them was the 22 year old Giovanni who was also known as Fancesco. He was a writer and came from an illustrious family. After he was taken prisoner he decided to file for a knighthood and participated in the crusade that was led by Waler de Brienne. However, he was forced to give this up due to an illness. This was the time that Franscesco decided that it was high time that he changed his life. Therefore, he renounced all of his riches and prayed at the San Damiano. This is when a vision appeared in front of him and asked him to restore the church in the year 1205.

In the year 1208, Franscesco was gifted a chapel by the Benedictines. In the year 1212 he founded a chapel for Chiara di Favarone di Offreduccio, and later in 1221 a third order in Cannara. This is when the foundation stone for the church was laid and construction began on it.

In the year 1316 the outside walls of the town were enlarged. Then suddenly the city of Assisi began to decline because of the Black Death plague. You can go for car hire in Spain if you want to explore the city and there are lots of car hires companies so you can easily hire a car in Assisi.

Assisi Weather

Every tourist would like to consider the weather of the place that they are visiting. This will enable them to be able to time their visit at the time when the weather is going to be conducive to their moving around and visiting the places.

There are several geographical factors that influence the weather in Assisi. The region of Umbria is landlocked and thus surrounded by mountainous regions all around it. The climate is typical of what one would experience in any Mediterranean region. The summers are hot and dry and the winters are quite cold. Although because of global warming and its ramifications the winters are getting drier.

The Apenine Mountains act as a shield and do not allow the cold winds from the Adriatic Sea to cross over. If this were not to be then the region would have experienced a far colder winter. There are times of the year when the winds are real harsh and blow extremely fast and furious.

The region of Umbria and the town of Assisi is a perfect tourist spot based on weather that is conducive all year round. This makes it a tourist haven throughout the year. Although the best times of the year to visit it are the months of February and March that is the beginning of spring and in late fall which is in October. During this time it is neither very cold nor warm and is the best time to move around the city without worrying about the weather.

Even during the summers, the evenings can turn very cold. This is because of the mountainous regions all around it and the city located at a high altitude. Therefore, it is wise to take a few warm clothes even in the summer to beat the cold chilly evenings. This is quite common in the midst of the harshest of summers, wherein the days are hot and dry and by the time it is evening the temperature drops several degrees.

Visit to Asssi is good enough throughout the year and is a tourist’s delight for sure. As a traveler you must hire a car for travelling the place. You can go for Cheap car hire Assisi airport and if you want to travel the city then you can have a service from Cheap car rental in Assisi.

Assisi Arrival:

There are direct flights from the US to Rome which ensure that you reach Rome comfortably. The moment you arrive at the Rome Airport, you will be met by an English speaking guide hence you need not worry about language causing communication barriers. Getting through customs is a cake walk for tourists and you will be out of the airport within no time.

The first thing that you do on arrival is to be greeted by the travel agent at the airport and transferred to the hotel. The moment you arrive at the hotel you will check into the assigned rooms and go on for breakfast. The breakfast is either continental or if you are experimental and want to have a taste of the local cuisine then a typical breakfast that is had by the locals of this region. The coach that you travel in is Deluxe and completely air-conditioned. The wide see through windows will enable you to get your first taste of the city as you whizz past it. There is the facility of baggage handling as you arrive.

You will be met at the airport no matter what time your flight reaches there. The accommodation is as per the agreement in either three or four star hotels. Then within an hour or so you will move on to the first sightseeing tour of this fabulous city via a coach that has been arranged by the hotel.

The entire experience of your arrival at Assisi will be welcoming and you will certainly look forward to the entire trip. The very first thing that hits you about Assisi on your arrival is the pristine beauty and the transfer to medieval times. The actual town of Assisi is in central Italy and is better known as the Umbrian town. The ride from the airport to Assisi is certainly awe inspiring and you will love the hills and the small houses clustered all around it. The ride will show case to you the plenty of Roman ruins, the cobbled medieval streets and the Christian sacred shrines that dot the landscape. If you want to explore the place then you must go for car hire in Assisi. There are lots of car hire companies so you can easily car rental for Assisi Airport.Assisi City Transport:

The city of Assisi attracts loads of tourists all year round. It is a town that is on a hillock in the Umbria region in Italy. The province is full of mountainous region and hence transport can be slightly difficult around here. The roads that reach you to the city of Assisi is cobbled and laid during medieval times. This makes it quite intimidating for people to reach it. In the olden times there were the use of donkeys and mules to climb these sharp precincts. Nowadays, there are several tourists buses that ply on these routes and reach you there within no time. Travelling through these regions has a charm of its own. There is a wonderful amount of wild life around especially birds of all kinds and feathers.

The city of Assisi was built around a roman fortress and as you wind your way up to the city in the deluxe high tech bus you will be able to notice this fortress all around you. All around you, you will be able to see the most amazing of scenery. The loft mountains and surrounded by quaint little houses and shrines dotting the landscape all over. There are private taxis that are operational too. But, these can be quite expensive when you compare that with traveling by bus.

The moment you reach Assisi the best way to travel around is by walking around and absorbing the spirit and culture of the people and the place. There are several narrow lanes and bi-lanes that can’t be reached by vehicle. This is the best way of finding out the real Assisi. When you stroll past you will find several different ways to be able to discover the heart and soul of the city. There are ample parking spots that have been designated near the tourist and historic centers.

Assisi is well-connected by all forms of transport being the closest airport, train or the buses and taxis that ply here. There are some parking restrictions in the main parts of the town and the parking is limited for an hour only. There are various Assisi car hire services available that help in transporting the tourists visiting the Place. Assisi airport car hire services also play a major role in transporting tourists to their resorts and also some of the attractions in the place.

Assisi Top Attractions:

Assisi is a place that has lots of tourist’s attractions to offer one. You have plenty to choose from the World Heritage sites to churches, theatres, lakes and museums too. You would certainly not want to miss the shopping that Assisi offers in the high streets and shopping complexes right in the square of Santa Maria. This is a delightful way of transporting you into the realm of the medieval times.

What you will encounter in Assisi is the right mix of the old in the form of the two castles to be seen and the modern day world. There is the Basilica of San Francesco and the huge amount of art that reflects the spiritual message of these times. The art and architecture that you will come across will instantaneously transport you into another world. The other church that is a must visit is the Eromo delle Carceri which is open to tourists all the year round. There are a few churches that adhere to a very traditional and strict sense of dressing, therefore take this into consideration when you go to the two fabulous churches out here.

If you are interested in parks and nature then the Park of Colfiorito is the place to get yourself to. It is situated on the tectonic and Karst valleys. The plateau is made up of seven valleys and at the ground level you will find lake basins that go back several centuries. This has been dried using natural resources and machines.

The church of Monte Orve that is high up on the mountain top enables one to not only visit this holy place but look at the most breathtaking view all around one. Thousands of pilgrims come to this spot every year. There is a quaint little market held here every month.

If you have heard great things about the Lyrick theater at Assisi then it is rightly so. You must visit it at least once in your sojourn to Assisi. Another theatre is the Metastasio Theater. There are huge numbers of Assisi car hire companies.

The tourist’s spots at Assisi will enable you to experience archaeology, architecture and art all at one time. For airport travelling purpose you can go for Assisi airport car hire service.

Assisi Disabled visitors:

There are so many things that a visitor could do in Assisi that there is never going to be any time to regret having come here. The city of Assisi is extremely friendly to the tourists who come here and they welcome them with open arms. The locals are so very hospitable and welcoming. This is for tourists of all kinds, even the disabled and the physically challenged.

You might wonder if there are any facilities for the disabled. At every tourist spot be it the museums, the churches and the palaces, the shopping arcades, the Cathedrals and the parks you will find a wheelchair or two. Most of the wheel chairs are easy to locate and there is no extra charge to get them.

The entrances and outlets and the aisles around the main tourists spots have been specifically made disabled friendly. There are some places wherein the government has specifically made these changes in order to enable the disabled to move around freely and enjoy the wonderful sights that the city of Assisi has to offer.

There are specific parking slots that are designated for the disabled that ensure that they do not have to go through any hassles. There are separate ticketing booths and entrances too. The buses in Assisi also have special seats allocated for the disabled. The walking zone in the center of the town can easily be maneuvered around in a wheel chair. The traffic restrictions that are imposed on other vehicles is usually waived off in case of a disabled tourist.

In fact if you notice the tourism department and the people of Assisi go all out to ensure that the disabled have as good a time at Assisi as the able. If you are looking for a good time to have on your next holiday then opt for Assisi as it will certainly not let any disability come in the way of having fun, shopping and visiting a pilgrim spot. You will certainly not regret your decision that is for certain. Therefore, do not let your disability come in the middle of a great holiday. There are plenty of car hiring companies so you can easily rent a car in Assisi and for travelling to airport there are huge number of car hire in Assisi airport companies.

Assisi Accommodation

Whilst in Assisi there are several different kinds of accommodation to opt for based the kind of accommodation that you like and the Budget . There are resorts and spas, several hotels of various kinds such as three and four stars, historic residences, apartments and villas on rent and youth hostels too.

The two well-known spas are the Resort & Spa Le Dimore di San Crispino and the Valle di Assisi Hotel & Resort is near Assisi. Both of these are extremely rejuvenating places to stay at and you have all the wonderful comforts such as Finnish sauna, a steam bath, and massages too. The entire resort and spa is surrounded by nature and greenery. You will find olive groves and Mediterranean fruit orchards all around you.

The hotels are segregated according to the star rating that they have been allocated. The five star ones are the most expensive and they meet the discerning guidelines set their counterparts in Europe. The charges that these hotels charge depend on the season that you visit them and their location too. The rates include bed and breakfast or breakfast could be optional. The hotel is expected to issue you an official receipt of the bill paid by you and this helps in the calculation of the tax. Some of the hotels are Bastia Umbra, Gubbio, Folligno, Perugia and Umbertide. There are quite a few historic residences to choose from if you are the adventurous sort and wouldn’t like to stay in a hotel. These are usually located in the heart of the city of Assisi and offer one a real peep into the Assisi culture and way of life. These are housed in houses that were built as way back as in the 14th century and offer the inhabitants the experience of a lifetime. This is the kind of place wherein you will find the mix of religion and art and you staying right amidst them.

If you are holidaying in Assisi and are on a tight Budget then you would like to consider the Youth hostels. They are real value for money. They work out to be the most inexpensive options of spending a night or two in Assisi. There are huge numbers of Assisi car hire companies. The tourist’s spots at Assisi will enable you to experience archaeology, architecture and art all at one time. For airport travelling purpose you can go for Assisi airport car hire service.

Assisi, Italy Useful Contacts

Assisi boasts of a world heritage site- The Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi. The town also has two medieval castles, and has a rich tradition of art through the centuries and is now home to some of the most renowned works of art. The beautiful Lake Trasimine is lined with some of the best selection of fish restaurants. Assisi has something to offer to everyone, its rich in history and culture and its beauty is captivating. For a safe trip emergency numbers are listed below.

Emergency Numbers

Police Services

Police: 113

Local Police: 075812820

Fire Station: 115

Police (Passport Office): 07550621

Poizia: 075 819091

Questura‎: 075 50621‎

Associazione Nazionale Polizia Di Stato‎:0742 342956‎

Polizia - Polizia Stradale - Centralino‎:075 506751‎

Polizia Ferroviaria‎:0742 342483‎

Ministero Interno Dipartimento Della P.S: 075 5724104‎

Medical Services

Ambulance: 112

First Aid: 118

Red Cross Ambulance: 07550621

Emergency Doctor: 075 8043616/075 8139227

Medical Service S.A.S.‎: 075 5272818‎

M&GM Italia, Srl - Punto Benessere e Salute - Ambulatorio Polispecialistico: 0743 225 196‎

Municipio: 0737 970041‎

Medical Assistance Srl‎:0733 261258‎

Studio Medicina Di Gruppo‎:0575 67016‎


Hospital (exchange): 075 81391

Hospital First Aid: 812824/075 8139227

Ksp Engineering Srl‎: 0742 360590‎

H.C. Hospital Consulting Spa‎: 075 5000300‎

Rio Srl - Arredamenti Uffici-Comunita Socio Assistenziali‎: 0722 327714


Assisi Umbria Way.com: 380 806 4447‎

Noleggio Auto con Conducente Perugia Transfers‎: 347 354 5651‎

Hertz Autonoleggio‎: 075 5928590‎

Europ Car: 079 935032

Italy by Car/Thrifty: 079 935188

Easy Car: 0789 597014

Maggiore National: 079 935045

Radio Taxi Assisi: 075 813100‎

Taxi Services: 075 813193‎

Taxi: 075 8041605‎

Other Useful Numbers

Assisi City Hall: 075-81381

The importance of your journey is no less and it is known that if you go for car rental Assisi, your tour would seem perfect. Also, the car hire Assisi airport service is popular with regard to the efficiency of their amenities making the tourists feel comfortable at their best.

Assisi Museums:

If you are interested in the museums and art then there are five extremely good museums to visit in Assisi. The first museum that is a must see is the Porziuncola Museum is a permanent museum that is situated in the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli. Every pilgrim has a visit on their itinerary for sure. This takes one to the ever so important Porziuncola, the Transito chapel and the Cappella delle Rose which houses the footsteps of the saint. The museum remains closed on Mondays and is open from 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening with a lunch break in between. The next museum is the Cathedral Museum and Crypt of St Rufino. This was started in the year 1941 and has the archaeological remains and religious vestments and a few interesting paintings. The 12th century frescos are a must see.

Several tourists visit the Municipal Art Gallery which is located in the 17th century Palazzo Vallemani. It has several beautiful frescos and many paintings all of which were made in the 14th to 17th century. There are world renowned artists such as Puccio, cappan and Giotto that find their way in this art gallery.

The next on any tourists must see list is the Treasure museum and the F. M. Perkins collections. This is within the Saint Francis Basilica and has paintings wooden sculptures all of which ranging from a time period between the 13th and 17th centuries. There are several religious relics and these include the most fantastic of tapestry, cloths and ivories too.

The F. M. Perkin collection consists of 57 works of art by the author. These works of art are by renowned author and these were from several schools such as Siennese, Florentine and Venetian. Another famous tourist spot is the Civic Musuem and Roman Forum. This is in the Via Portica and reached the cyypt. Here you will find the exhibits of the Umbrian as well as the Roman remains. These consist of tombstones, urns and inscriptions, the kind that you will not see anywhere else. As a traveler you must hire a car for travelling the place. You can go for car hire Assisi airport and if you want to travel the city then you can have a service from car rental in Assisi.

Assisi Beaches

Assisi is a landlocked region and hence it does not have any seas nearby. Sadly enough due to this feature there aren’t anyreal beaches to be found out here. But, Lake Trasimenohas 9 extremely well tended beaches that are a major tourist attraction in this region. The lake offers tourists several facilities such as boating, football pitches, tennis courts and large open spaces that can be the grounds for several outdoor sports.

The tourists love to visit these nine beaches as it is warm throughout the year, just the right temperature to go to a beach. The place is pristine and beautiful and although so many tourists visit it every year it still remains fantastically cleans. The best time of the year to visit the beaches are from April to September.

The Lake Trasimeno is the largest stretch of water that is found in Assisi. The entire lake is about 257 meters. The lake is surrounded by mountains and has tall reeds all around it. The water is green or cream in color. The entire region around the lake is a tourist haven because of the picturesque scenery that you can find all around you.

The region around the lake is a great fishing ground. There are several hidden places and the three islands that are good for fishing. Although fishing is regulated and there are certain legal ramifications imposed.

If you like to look at the most amazing of flora and fauna then this is the place that you will find them. Here you will get to see the most beautiful of birds such as herons, gazettes, swans and stalks along with the other birds such as goose, cormorans and bitterns. If you want to look at birds that you have read only in books then this place will enable you to find them. The entire lake region is covered with marshy reeds in different colors. Tourists are quite taken in by the oak, water lilies and pines found all around.

The region around the lake has the Etruscan ANYCAR_DOMAINS. This is a part of a civilization that flourished during the Roman era and the remains can be seen out here. You can go for car hire Assisi airport and if you want to travel the city then you can have a service from car hire in Assisi.

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