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History of Brazil

Before we move on to the actual core of the topic, we must know that Brazil is that unique South American country that derives its language and its culture from the Portuguese. This piece of writing will focus upon the people who were the first inhabitants of this Latin American country and how the years rolled until the recent times.

The first inhabitants in the Brazilian territory were the nomadic Tupí-Guaraní Indians. After that, Pedro Alvares Cabral was the first person who claimed the territory of Brazil to be that of a Portuguese one. Hence in 1532, Portugal colonized the area and after seven years, the Portuguese had a full-fledged leadership in Brazil.

Napoleonic wars were the time when King João VI fled away to Rio de Janeiro in 1808 because he suspected defeat at the hands of the advanced French army. This did not yield any result as he was taken back home in 1820. King João VI however, left his son over there and when Portugal tried to takeover Brazil, King João’s son declared independence of Brazil in 1822 and became Pedro I, the Emperor of Brazil. Pedro was given a difficult time by the Parliament, hence, he forwarded his throne to his son who became an emperor in 1840 but it did not take too much of a time when discontent developed against him too so he abdicated in 1889.

After that Brazil was declared a republic but army came into play and Brazil was then ruled by many military dictators until finally a revolt forced the dictators to pass on the leadership to civilian presidents. Even in 1964, Brazil yet again got in the hands of military dictatorship and after that, a democratic government came into play in 1985.

Currently, the Brazilian Government is working smoothly but since 1999, Brazil had seen a grave energy and economic crises. The country however is in a stabilized and working condition now.

If you are interested in visiting the historical places of Brazil, Car Hire Brazil can take you to all these places while demanding the cheapest rates. Though this is a brief history, there are many in depth details and if a person wants to submerge himself in the deep history of this country, he is required to go online and search for websites that can offer him valid and thorough details about the Canadian history.

Weather & When to Go to Brazil

It is usually seen that people in their conversations lose the significance of talking about a place like Brazil. This is because Brazil is a country that is located on the remote Tropic of Capricorn and hence it is not really touched by the tourists. If it is touched, they rarely mention it in their manuscripts.

This piece of writing will focus upon the weather that is enjoyed by the people living in Brazil. Reaching Igoumenitsa is never a big problem; Car hire Brazil is your problem solver and can take you to virtually any place in Brazil. To have the best knowledge of the weather of Brazil, we can divide Brazil into the following four regions:

Southern Region of Brazil

This region lies in a temperate zone of the Tropic of Capricorn. Due to the disturbed winds from the southern and the western regions, this area usually has a lot of rainfall. The winter season is usually found to be cold and on the other extreme, summer is extremely hot. The average temperature in summer is around 24°C while in winter it is around 10°C.

South-Eastern Region of Brazil

Due to the uneven and haphazard topography, the south eastern region of Brazil is prone to many different variations in temperatures. Rainfall does not occur in the inland but on the coast of Serra do Mar and to the west of Minas Gerais are the regions which face heavy rains. In summer, the temperature usually varies from 30 to 32°C while in winter it varies from 5 to 20°C.

Mid-Western Region of Brazil

In the Middle West region, there is an amalgamation of weather from three different geographical areas; the disturbed currents from west which produce unstable weather in summer, the currents from the North which produce rainfall and disturbed currents from the south producing a one to three day rainy period. The temperatures in this area vary from 25-30°C in summer and 8 to 15°C in winter.

Northern Region of Brazil

This region of Brazil is considered as the region that has Amazon Basin in its vicinity. This region though on the Northern side, represents hottest and most humid place on the Earth. The climate remains hot throughout the year and the mercury ranges from 25 to 27°C on an average throughout the entire year.

Transport in Brazil

This is a known fact to most of the people around the world that Brazil is considered to be one of the famous and the most beautiful tourist spots globally. For that, an efficient transport system is the key factor that Brazil provides to its tourists. This piece of writing will focus upon Brazil by different routes, in particular by Road, Rail and Aviation. Let us have a look at all these mentioned transport systems in a brief detail.

Brazil by Airport

The Internationalflights usually land in Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo or Galeão International Airport which is located in Rio de Janeiro. There are a total of 734 and 3,442 paved and unpaved airports respectively. TAM Airlines is considered to be the biggest Brazilian airlines and is the busiest airline in Southern Hemisphere. More airports are expected to operate on Internationalflights in the near future.

Brazil by Railways

Began in the 19th Century, the Railway of Brazil is now being handled by various private and public sector companies. The railways cover almost the entire of Brazil. Metros and Tramways are currently in function and the High Speed Railways project was announced in 2008. If you are in Uruguay, Argentina or Bolivia, you can enter Brazil through railways since these are the Internationalcountries which are linked to Brazil through railways.

Brazil by Roads

Road Transport is the most famous in Brazil and many tourists roam around in Brazil in a taxi. You can also travel by hiring a car for yourself if you want. Car hire Brazil can give you the most affordable prices of renting a car but you need to keep the following details in mind:


Speed limit on roadways and highways: 120kph/74mph Speed limit in urban

Sub-urban areas: 60kph/40mph

ALCOHOL LIMIT: The legal blood alcohol limits 0.2 grams of alcohol per 1 litre of blood.

Rapid breath test can be done to calculate the alcohol levels of drivers

Buses are also considered to be a famous transport method in Brazil because they can take you to the specific and remote parts of the country while asking you for a low cost. If you have a map of the city you are present in, the bus can take you according to the routes specified. Another advantage is that by public bus services, you will come to interact with local people who can further advice you that which places you should visit.

Attractions in Brazil

When we discuss about beautiful foreign spots, one often forgets to mention about Brazil. This piece of writing will clear the misconceptions of most of the people and will be able to tell them that Brazil has many beautiful attractions by virtue of which, the largest country of South America is one of the most frequently visited tourist attraction spots in the entire world. The following is a list of the most visited tourist attraction spots in Brazil.

Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro

This place is taken to be one of the seven New Wonders of the Modern World. This is an exquisite structure of the Christ the Redeemer, and is situated on top of Rio de Janeiro’s Corcovado Mountain which is of 2,330 feet in height. It is considered to be the most visited and most famous spot in Brazil and the natives say that you waste your trip to Brazil if you do not come to take a look at the Corcovado.

Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The reason this mountain is discussed in the attractions is that it offers the tourists a cable car ride around the mountain and its adjacent Yacht Club and Botafogo Bay. This cable car takes you to two trips; the first trip takes you up to around 750 feet high and gives you a panoramic view of the mountain, the club and bay mentioned above and also stops at a restaurant while the second trip takes you to a view of the city.

The mixing of waters, Amazon

The dark water of Rio Negro meets the light and muddy waters of Rio Solomos and there is a natural phenomenon of the two waters that they don’t mix until 6 km. No one knows the exact cause why the two waters don’t meet until 6 km and finally meet up after that but this is a mystery that has evolved in a high tourist count at this place.

To conclude, these were few of the places that are the most popular in Brazil. If you are worrying about travelling to the above mentioned attractive places in Brazil, well it’s no big problem; Car Hire Brazil can provide you with the cheapest deals of pick and drop services. So pack your bags and get ready to take a breath of these beautiful attractions of Brazil!

Useful Contacts of Brazil

When it comes to Brazil, it is rightly considered to be one of the best tourist spots all over the globe. The places, the festivals, the people, the weather of Brazil hugged by the surroundings of tropical regions, all mix up to form an ideal place where you can spend your holidays. The beauty of the Brazilian beaches, tourist spots and festivals is simply of no other parallel. This is the reason why people take Brazil to be one of the best tourist attraction spots. Having said this, it must be emphasized that if you are staying in Brazil, you should always have contacts of major and minor organizations in Brazil. This is because major or minor emergency can occur at any point in time and you should be well prepared for it. This piece of writing will divide the few famous places of Brazil and will give a detail of their individual important contact numbers.

Rio de Janeiro

Police Tel: 190

Fire and Ambulance Tel: 193.

Tourist Police 24 hour contact line Tel: 021/3399-7170

Hospitals (Emergency Rooms):

Miguel Couto – Leblon Tel: 021/2274-6050

Rocha Maia- Botafogo: 021/2295-2121.

Copacabana Palace Hotel- Copacabana Tel: 021/2548-2148

International Airport Tel: 0800/7020-777.

American Embassy Tel: 55-21/3823-2000

Australian Embassy Tel: 021/3824-4624

UK Embassy Tel: 021/2555-9603

Canadian Embassy Tel: 021/ 2543-3004

Sao Paulo

Police Tel: 190

Fire and Ambulance Tel: 193.

Av. Sao Luis Tourist Police 24 hour contact line Tel: 011/3214-0209

Rua Sao Bento Tourist Police 24 hour contact line Tel: 011/3107-5642

Hospitals (Emergency Rooms):

Albert Einstein Hospital Tel: 011/3747-1233

Hospital das Clinicas: 011/3069-6000.

Hotel Sheraton Mofarrej Tel: 011/251-3383

Guarulhos International Airport Tel: 011/6412-3515.

American Embassy Tel: 061/312-7000

Australian Embassy Tel: 061/226-3111

UK Embassy Tel: 061/225-1777

Canadian Embassy Tel: 061/321-2171


Police Tel: 190

Fire and Ambulance Tel: 193.

Hospital Santa Lucia: 061/445-0000 (OPD).

Hospital Santa Lucia: 061/345-9260 (ER).

American Embassy Tel: 011/3081-6511

Australian Embassy Tel: 011/3082-7242

UK Embassy Tel: 011/288-0307

Canadian Embassy Tel: 011/5509-4321

These are some of the basic numbers that you should always have with you during your stay in Brazil. Although this list comprehensively covers all the important telephone contacts, if you still want some other telephone contact not mentioned in the above list, you can simply search it online. You may go for Car Hire Brazil and enjoy your trip.

Festivals in Brazil

Brazil is a place well known for its beaches, beautiful tourist attractions and festivities. One of the main reasons why Brazil is considered to be a very famous tourist spot is because of the grandeur of festivals shown over here. The celebrations are beautiful and the people are enthusiastic. The energy level seems to have no limits. This article will focus upon the selected celebrations of Brazil and the days through which they are celebrated. Let us have a look at them.

The Carnival – Celebrated from 20th to 25th February.

The Carnival is considered to be one of the largest celebrations around the entire world. There are parades passed which occupy themselves as one single group and the air and atmosphere is full of music, dances, singing and colours. Around entire Brazil, this event is celebrated mainly in four cities namely Rio de Janeiro, Salvador de Bahia, Racife and Olinda. Usually in Rio de Janeiro, there are schools that participate and there is a tough competition amongst different schools.

Tiradentes Festival– Celebrated on 21st April.

Minas Gerais was a population who demanded independence in 1789. One of the principal leaders of this movement was Tiradentes who was arrested and then executed. So to honour him, the natives keep this festival and numerous ball parties are kept on this day.

Bumba Meu Boi– Celebrated on last two weeks of June.

Mostly celebrated in Nordeste, this celebration is basically a theatrical representation and there are processions and dances done. This celebration is to honour the death and resurrection of an ox. So the celebration starts with the Ox being displayed at this Festival.

New Year’s Eve- December 31st

This is considered to be one of the most famous festivals in Brazil with a huge tourist count. Celebrated in Rio de Janeiro, there are offerings, prayers and dances in this city. The thing that is must to see on New Year’s Eve is the firework display which has now become a concrete practice of the Brazilians on every New Year’s Eve.

To conclude, these are few of the festivals celebrated in Brazil. If you are in Brazil and want to have a visit to all these festivals, you don’t need to worry about the transport problem. Car Hire Brazil can provide you with the best cars and drivers at the cheapest rates.

Museums of Brazil:

When Brazil is the subject of conversation, one of the things that we should never forget to mention is about the Museums of Brazil. This piece of writing will focus upon two of the Museums of Brazil with respect to their contact numbers, opening and closing times. These museums are considered to be the most famous museums in the Brazilian land and also have the maximum tourist count visiting them.

Imperial Museum :

This museum is located in Petropolis, Brazil. It is considered to be one of the most attractive museums with respect to the cultural and historical heritage and consists of a palace which was built in the years of 1845 to 1862. The exquisite Carrara and Belgian marbles make up the floors of this museum and the door frames are made up of high-quality noble woods such as Rosewood and Jacaranda. The museum is famous to house Emperor Pedro’s Crown and the Jewels worn by Empress Leopoldina.

Visiting hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 11.00 a.m. to 18.00 Hours Monday closed

Some specific days on which the museum is closed: 1 January, 25 March, Easter Sunday, 1 May, 25 December and 26 December.

Telephone: 24 2237-8000

Museu da Chácara do Céu - Rio de Janeiro

This museum is located in Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro and shows a collection of around 22,000 items. These collections were all done by an industrialist named Raymundo Ottoni de Castro Maya (1894-1968). He was born to an educated and sophisticated family so as an avid collector of items, he started collecting things that added up being displayed into this museum after his demise.

Visiting hours: Tuesday closedMonday-Friday: 12:00 – 17:00

Same on weekends and holidays

Telephone: 55-21-2224-8981/ 55-21-2507-1932

To conclude, these were two of the most famous museums of Brazil. The reader is required to visit online and have information of the other famous museums out there in Brazil such as Museu Casa da Hera in Vassouras, Rio de Janeiro, Museum Paulista in Sao Paulo, The InternationalMuseum of Naïve Art of Brazil, Museu do Seringal Vila Paraíso which is located in Manaus and Afro-Brazil Museum in Sao Paulo. Going to these museums is not a big difficulty at all because Car Hire Brazil has experienced drivers who can accompany you easily to these museums.

Beaches and Lakes in Brazil

It is usually seen that people forget to mention the essential beauty of Brazil in their conversations. Brazil is a place that is filled by exotic sight-seeing places including its lakes and beaches. This piece of writing will focus upon a few beaches and the lakes of Brazil.

Beaches of Brazil. Meaipe

This beach is located in the state of Espírito Santo. The white sand accompanied by the light green water gives a beautiful view of the beach and allows tourists to have a chance of getting them involved in water sports.

Ponta da Fruta

This beach is also located in Espírito Santo. Amongst the natives, it is known as the honeymoon beach and if you are on a honeymoon then this beach seems to be perfect for you because of its calm and private environment and a picturesque beauty being gifted to it.

Itaúna beach

This beach is located at Saquarema which is a small town village located at a 3 hour drive from the Rio de Janeiro main city. The main claim-to-fame of this beach is that the National surfing championship of Brazil takes place here.

Lakes of Brazil

The blue lake cave of Brazil is the most famous lake of Brazil throughout the world. An extremely beautiful blue lake accompanied along with stalactites and stalagmites is a source of heavy tourist income for Brazil. The dark blue water of this lake gives it a unique appearance amongst the other lakes of Brazil.

Araruama, Arraial do Cabo, Iguaba Grande and São Pedro d’Aldeia are four other famous lakes of Brazil which also offer a tourist an option to have a boating experience in them. Moreover, the lake side of all these four lakes also provides you a seating where people usually sit to have a calm and quiet experience away from the busy city life.

These were a few names of the most famous beaches and lakes out there in Brazil. If you want to know more about them, you should go and search various websites to increase your knowledge about these lakes and beaches. If you are visiting Brazil for holiday purposes and are worrying about transport problems, well, you can consider your problem solved already; Car Hire Brazil can book drivers who can take you to all of these exotic beaches and lakes on the cheapest rates possible!