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Brescia is one of Italy’s famous cities. It is one of the famous tourist places. As you know tourists would like to know and understand the weather conditions of places that they plan to visit. This will help them to decide to plan well and visit the place at the right season.

Brescia weather normally has clear sky. On a sunny day you will find clear sky in Bresci. At times, you can also see cloudy sky. There are various types of clouds that you can see in Brescia. They are at times scattered or very cloudy. You can always expect more than 90% of rainfall in Brescia.          

Wind fluctuates from soft breeze to very soft breeze. This might be low or high varying from low to high wind. Few web sites provide information of the flow of wind and its direction. Wind flows on an average of 6 km per hour. Directions are always specified like North East or South West direction or North West. These directions are indicates in notations like NE or SW or NW.

Temperature ranges from 1 degree Celsius to 5 degree Celsius on an average. On high temperature days, it might go up to seven degree Celsius too. If you are travelling during winter, you can see snowfall in Brescia. Spring is very beautiful and a feast to your eyes. Summer is hot throughout the country. If you would like to look around Brescia, then autumn is the right time for you. During rainy season, the temperature is very low in the city.

You can check various websites that gives information about Brescia weather. Few sites forecast the weather and provides weather forecast for up to seven days. They provide information about sky, clouds, temperature, rainfall, wind condition etc. This will help tourist to plan their trip better.

There are various software’s available in the internet to help you find the weather condition of Brescia. All you need to know is the nearest weather station and your set up done in your computer. The accuracy of the weather reports are further improved by radar and advanced technologies used by the weather stations. There are lots of car rental companies so you can easily go for Brescia car hire. You can take the service of car hire in Brescia Airport.

Brescia Arrival:

Brescia a city and  in the region of Lombardy in Italy. Berscia is located in the northern Italy betweem Milano abd Venezia. The city is the second largest in Lombardy and is situated at the foot of the Alps mountain. Brescia is a city that is reachable from any part of the world. We can get to Brescia through flight from allover the world, When you came by airways you will be landing in one of the airports  like Malpensa, Linate, Orio Al Serio, Verona, and the smallest of all Montichiari. Malpensa and Linate are the two major airports in Milan. The Malpensa airport is connected to Milan, by the Milano-Varese highway as well as by the "Malpensa Express" train starting from the Milan Cadorna railway station. It is also connected to Linate which is another airport nearby that can be reached by scheduled bus service otherwise by Milan's local transportation. The Milan airport system has a third International Airport, Orio Al Serio, which serves low-cost traffic.

Some of the main places in Brescia are, its historic squares and lanes that are walk able. Brescia has its own small airport served by a few Budget flights that is Montichiari. Brescia is also well connected by train, being on the main railway line which runs Milan - Brescia - Verona - Vicenza - Padua - Venice. Brescia is fifty kilometers from Milan and Verona, people who want to go to this city stay at the famous hotel Palazzo Arzaga with a famous golf course. Malpensa Shuttle and Malpensa Bus Express connect the airport to metro city. Bus service is available from all the airports, not only bus people also prefer cars, and taxies to reach Berscia. From the airport there are scheduled bus sercice which runs four times a day, this needs to get booked. Booking can be dine by calling the concern authiority. Another main form of transportation is the local public transportation like the train or bus, From Milano - Linate, Milan Railway Station we can take a train to Brescia. Bus facility is available very frequently between the airport and the Milan railway station. People do use cars and taxies, where as when we go to Berscia by taxies it would cast much, it’s an expensive transportation of all other.

There are lots of car rental companies so you can easily go for Brescia car hire. You can take the service of car hire in Brescia Airport.

Brescia City Transport:

Brescia a main city in Italy, next to Milan. Berscia is located in the northern Italy betweem Milano abd Venezia. The city is the second largest in Lombardy and is situated at the foot of the Alps mountain. Transportation in Brescia is always a comfortable option for the visitors to this city. Brescia is well connected by train, routed on the most of the main railway line which runs Milan - Brescia - Verona - Vicenza - Padua - Venice. The town is reachable in hours by train from Venice and 45 minutes from Verona. Brescia it is well serviced by highways and trains, making it quickly accessible from all northern Italian cities. The major transportations in the city are Bus shuttles, local public transportation like bus and train and by cars and taxies. The Bus shuttles runs between all the airports and the metro city, these bus shuttles run by a fixed time-table, people can make booking in these bus shuttles by calling +39-030-3583555; these bus shuttles runs only on working days and are operated thrice a day. The prices for traveling in these bus shuttles costs from 30,000 to 70,000 LIT depending on the distance and other concern.

Next comes the local public transportation train and bus, by train: Brescia is located on the Turin-Milan-Verona-Venice line, and trains are frequent by both ways. Trains from the center or the south of Italy must usually change at Milan. The station is located in the historic center. For train timings people can check Trenitalia site or can call the green number 892021. For road travel people use government buses and cars etc., road distances to Brescia from Roma (Italy) is 567 kms. Transportation in Brescia does have innumerable car operators from where you can hire cars for touring around the city.

By car: from Turin or Milan take highway A4 Torino Venezia up to the exit at Brescia Centro. Or alternatively, from Turin take highway A21 that allows you to travel with out traffic to Milan even in busy peak hours, From Venice or Verona take highway A4 towards Milan up to the exit at Brescia Centro. We can also choose taxi to travel around the city, but taxies are a quite expensive. There are lots of car rental companies so you can easily go for Brescia car hire. You can take the service of car hire in Brescia Airport.

Brescia Disabled visitors

The new European Union regulations are applied in Brescia. So, Now flying is getting simple even for disabled. Brescia a main city in Italy, next to Milan. Berscia is located in the northern Italy betweem Milano abd Venezia. The city is the second largest in Lombardy and is situated at the foot of the Alps mountain. The new European Community Regulation for disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility entered into force at Brescia airport made easy for disable to travel around. According to the time established by the Transport Commission of the European Union, the airport managing body completed all infrastructure and organizational investments in order to give opportunities for the disabled to air travel similar to other and providing a high level of support without any extra charge. The regulations also ensure to avoid discrimination against the disabled.

This regulation was active from July 2008 and they are granted easier access to the airport facilities, the possibility to get useful information even for visually impaired persons and assistance by trained personnel; all with respect for their privacy. Specific operations were carried out in Brescia to serve this goal along with other existing norms. Visually impaired passengers are welcomed and guided where dedicated pathways have been provided to move easier in the airport. For the waiting time prior to boarding, a courtesy corner with telephone is available at Brescia airports for disabled passengers.  Cark-parking spaces for disabled are available in the short-term parking at the departure and arrival Terminal s and they are equipped with intercom facilities that are free for disabled. The staffs in the Brescia airports are trained to deal with disabled.

The city attracts a number of visitors every year, the city has number of places to visit by tourists and there are many hotels especially for disabled. There are nine major hotels that provides the rooms with the facilities for disabled people. The hotels are in different categoties starts from three star, and goes upto four star and five star hotels. The charges for such hotels that have the best facilities for disabled are from below $100 to above $300for single night stay.

There are lots of car rental companies so you can easily go for cheap car hire in Brasica.

Brescia Accomodation

There are many hotels in and around Brescia with all comforts for travelers. You can find various hotels which are located beside the beach, cathedral, museum or the market. If you can get a hotel beside these historic places, it will be easy for you to visit the local places.

You will see most of the hotels been located beside Lake Garda as tourists love the view of the lake from their balcony. There are hotels that will suit your requirements be it a business trip or a leisure trip. They have a cozy atmosphere with air condition and other technical facilities. All these hotels have currency exchange counters which will be very helpful if you are carrying a different nation’s currency. Most of the hotels permit guests to use the conference facilities, internet access, room service, laundry service, parking facility and garage etc.

Most of the rooms in the hotels have single, double or king sized beds, satellite TV and radio, a mini bar, air condition, bathroom with shower facility. Few hotels charge the guests for internet usage too. As tourists it is important to stay in a secure place and I am sure you would not mind spending a few extra dollars for your safety. You can find five star to economical lodging facility available in Brescia. Accommodation in Brescia is never a challenge.

You must check the various web sites on the internet to locate various hotels and lodging places. This will help you compare the distance from the most popular tourists’ spots and you can decide which one would fit into your Budget . For students and youth, youth hotels are available at very nominal charges. When you check for hotels on the internet, do also check for various discounts given by various hotels. This will help you save your money and also keep you free from stress by advancing booking your accommodation. There are lots of car rental companies so you can easily go for Brescia car hire. You can take the service of car hire in Brescia Airport.

Brescia, Italy Useful Contacts

Brescia also known as the “Lioness of Italy” is situated at the foot of the Alps. It is the second largest city after Milan. Brescia has been an important regional centre since pre-Roman times and a number of Roman and medieval monuments are preserved, among which is the prominent castle. Lake Garda, Lake Iseo and the Alps attract tourists from the world over. Beautiful historic architecture is scattered all over the city and it also boasts of seventy two public fountains which enhances the beauty of the city. For a safe trip emergency numbers are listed below.

Emergency Numbers

Police Services

Police: 113

Fire Brigade: 115

Questura Di Brescia‎: 030 37441‎

Polizia‎:030 9657002‎

Polizia‎:030 25128

Polizia: 030 25124

Poste Italiane - Ente Pubblico Economico - Polizia Postale: 030 3757952‎

Municipio Settori E Servizi - Polizia Locale - Pronto Intervento‎:030 45001‎

Sindacato Autonomo Di Polizia‎:030 290353‎

Sezione Polizia Giudiziaria Carabinieri - Presso Procura Della Repubblica‎:030 2234611‎

Medical Services

Ambulance: 112

First Aid: 118

Sanitas Diagnostica Sas Di Provenzi Gianfranco & C: 0373 81786‎

Clinica San Rocco Di Franciacorta Spa‎:030 6859111‎

BioResearch‎:030 25124


Azienda Ospedaliera Spedali Civili Di Brescia: 030 224466‎

Ospedale S. Orsola F.B.F.-Brescia: 030 29711‎

Ist. Clin. Città di Brescia Spa-Brescia‎:030 37101‎

Congregazione Ancelle Della Carita' Domus Salutis‎:030 37091‎

Defarma Spa‎:030 2422468‎

Provincia Lombardo Veneta Ordine Ospedaliero‎:030 3533513‎


Maggiore National: 079 935045

Europcar: 079 935032

Hertz- Rent A Car: 079 935054

Italy by Car/Thrifty: 079 935188

Easy Car: 0789 597014

Kobal Rent: 030 203 9592‎

Blu Service Srl‎: 030 280487‎

Taxi Bar Di Ferrari F. E G. Snc‎: 030 3367500‎

Radio Taxi Brixia‎: 030 35111‎

Sia - Societa' Italiana Autoservizi: 030 3774237‎

Autonoleggio Salvi Sas‎: 030 2585969‎

Other useful Numbers

Tourist Information: 030 2400357

The journey can be devoid of any chaos, all you need to do is go for car rental Brescia and enjoy all their services. The car hire Brescia airport too would provide the best of their services.


Brescia is known for its festivals throughout the year. There are many events that are colorful and which can be feast to the viewers’ eyes. Following are some of the festivals that are celebrated across Brescia with lots of amusement. Brescia festivals are ancient and have been depicting the rich culture and heritage of the city and its country.

InternationalPiano Festival is celebrated from April to June every year. This festival was started in 1964 and was celebrated at Brescia. Mille Miglia is celebrated in April and May every year. Mille Miglia started from Viale Venezia in Brescia and is now celebrated across the country. This is the perfect occasion to see procession of antique cars. It is an excellent time to see the excellent pieces of various manufacturers. You would be amazed to see the participation from various corners of the globe. This is the right time for entertainment and sports in Brescia.

Summer Festival at Brescia is a well know event that happens in this city. If you are a music lover, then this is the right time to be in Brescia to listen to music played by various famous bands. Fair of San Faustino and Giovita is held every 15th of February. This is the city’s largest fair and is held as an honor of the city’s patron saints. You can see more than 800 vendors participating during this festival. These vendors come from various corners of the country. Wire works, Catherine wheels, crackers are part of the festival.

Beginning of September is Centomiglia held on Lake Garda. This festival is celebrated since 1951 and is the most prestigious European sailing competition. Hundreds of participants participate in this internal water competition. La Giostra di Brescia happens during mid September. This is the day Queen of Cyprus visited her brother in 1497. This day is a memorable day added with procession of historic costume, horse races and of course a great carnival.

Festival of Franciacorta is celebrated from the 17th to the 19th of September. I must say that it’s a wine festival. You get to taste more than eighty varieties of wine with the best food combination. This is celebrated since the 16th century. If you want to enjoy the joyous mood of festival moment then you must hire a car in Brescia. For traveling for airport purpose you must go for car hire location in Brescia airport.


Brescia is a city rich in its culture and heritage. The number of museums in Brescia will explain you the same. There are about eight museums in this particular city. Following are the museums in Brescia.

  • Santa Giulia: Santa Giulia has excellent terracotta decorations.
  • Capitolium and Roman Theatre: This is one of the best museums in Brescia which explain the rich archaeology in the first century. Capitolium was a religious and social centre in the ancient history. This was considered as a temple in the first century.
  • Museum of Ancient Arms "Luigi Marzoli": This museum was once the place where the warriors collected or placed their arms. You can see arms of the 16th and 17th century here. These arms explain the skill sets of people in manufacturing the arms with perfect execution.
  • Museum of the Risorgimento: Risorginmento museum depicts the storage of castle over a century.
  • Tosio Martinengo Picture-Gallery: Tosio Martinengo museum has a great collection of Paolo Tosio’s collections. You can see paintings explaining the origin of Brescia up to the 16th century. You can also see beautiful work of the artists of the School of Brescia placed in the museum. This museum has excellent master piece of artists who had lived in the 18th century in Brescia like Giacomo Ceruti.
  • Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art: Paintings of religious work is the main content of the Diocesan museum. Apart from conducting exhibitions of their own paintings, they also arrange exhibitions inviting various Internationalmuseums. This is definitely a treat to your eyes.
  • Association of Art and Spirituality: This museum has excellent pieces of work mostly graphics. These collections were from the Pope of Brescia.
  • Museum of Natural History: All pieces collected since the 19th century from the Brescia academy is placed in the Natural History museum. Pieces related to mineralogy, paleontology, botany, zoology, mycology and paleenthnology are placed here.
  • Museum of Industry and Work: You may visit the Industry and Work  museum only by appointment.

If you want to enjoy the joyous mood of festival moment then you must hire a car in Brescia. For traveling for airport purpose you must go for car hire in Brescia airport.


Brescia is surrounded by various beaches. You will see many good beaches around Brescia with many tourist attractions. Beach view hotels are available in Brescia. The beautiful beach surrounded by fine sand is an amazing scene to view. Many people gather in the beach to see the beauty of the sun set.

Densenzano del garda is another major beach that attracts tourists majorly. There are many expensive hotels along garda lake. It is an enchanting scene to see the long strip of water extending between Densenzano del garda and Peschiera del garda. This is currently the most famous spots admired by the tourists. All comforts are arranged here with all modern amenities to encourage tourists in Brescia.

Lake Garda has an interesting story behind it. In 1889, Procopio, a deep sea diver dived to the depth of 20 meters in Lake Garda. He was the first person to reach a hot water spring which is known to the world only for the last three centuries. Now you will see many spas opened along Lake Garda. There are more than 150 hotels near Lake Garda which explains the beauty and importance given to this beautiful water space in Brescia.

Lazise is one of the most beautiful beaches of Brescia. Italian Riviera is one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy which is very attractive and old fashioned. You can see late 19th century apartments alongside the beach. There are many houses located on the hilly region of the beach. Along the beach there are many fishing villages where tourists can relax and have a good time with the cool breeze.

You need to cross Franciacorta to reach Lake Iseo. You will see many wineries around Lake Iseo. During the 17th century, Lake Iseo was the summer resort for Brescians and Milanese. Lake Iseo is considered to be one of the most romantic places of Brescia. Monte Isola is the largest lake island in Europe. Monte Isola has an elevation of more than 400 meters above the surface of the lake. It is only a few minutes boat ride from Dock of Sulzano. You can go around the island by your feet or can hire a bus. There are lots of car rental companies so you can easily go for Brescia car hire. You can take the service of car hire in Brescia Airport.

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